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portion control

Today in my meeting there was a girl i know that stayed after, and i stayed with her.
She was in tears with her obsessive eating behavior, shes joined WW a gazillion times but never went twice in a row, always came back with more weight than the time before.
Shes also a curves instructor thats how I met her, shes now about 150lbs overweight..

Today the leader sat her down, and talked about not what she was eating or not eating, it was about portion control..

I have the WW spoons with the long handles 1 cup and 1/2 cup, I bought them about 10 yrs ago, ha, they don't even make them in white anymore, only blk are available..

I use those two spoons for everything I put on my plate.
Tonight I made a brown rice with fresh garlic, celery onion red pepper and for spice jalepano pepper, and a lite soy sauce, it was excellent. 1/2 cup 2 pts

I also had already made 4 of Aimess chicken cordon bleu, 1 pc 6 points with ham and mozz cheese breaded and baked..

I also had a very large salad, kens lit bleu cheese dressing 2 pts.

Total meal 10 pts

I'm done for the day and I still have 2 pts left over, and maybe later I'll have a no pudge brownie with two tablespoons of WW choc sundae ice cream with 2 tablespoons of lite cool whip....

I also found a new wrap the large size
salsa flavored, put out by mission, 94%FF 1 pt

I had that for lunch today with 6 slices of lean thin smoked ham, 1 slice of 2% milk cheddar cheese, lettuce tomato and a dab of lite mayo 3 pts

I then had a vanilla smoothie with WW berry yogart
2 pts

thats been my day,,

no breakfast because i had the scale this morning.
i did have a banana during the meeting...
A few people bring their breakfast with them...and have it during the meeting.. its allowed you know!

Trick is we don't allow ourselves to get to that point of starving thats danger for me....

Re: portion control

Ahh so that is what those spoons are for, ,Thanks Tobe i seen them there and really never paid attention to them. I need to invest in more measuring thingee's. Between me and the kids i am always washing Tablespoons.