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ON Program Wed 4/11

Gee we're in the middle of the month already 4/11
and its quite cold in NJ, so I haven't been able to get my toes on the beach, tobe holds her breath waiting, as I can't wait to get into a bathing suit this season..
Holy cow I actually said I can't wait and a bathing suit, well my work on myself since Oct 06 paid off, I'm now where I want to be, in pounds...

Today I will stay on program, I'll do the same today that I did yesterday
Off to Journel my food plan for the day....

just another plan to keep my day simple..

Re: ON Program Wed 4/11

I'm with ya today too. :) I have weigh in this morning. I already know I'm going to be up like 2 pounds (at least according to my scale, who knows what kind of craziness I'll see on their scale).

Re: ON Program Wed 4/11

Yes i had to look at the calender to make sure it says APRIL and not December. I think it was warmer here(Pennsylvania) the month of December than it has been lately. They are calling for s-s-snow, blah! SO along with staying OP,because i come to realize OP will and has to be part of my daily life, i think it will be Denise Austin and i sharing some sweaty moments,instead of walking outside.
I have my dinner menu planned, and going to make soup.
My weigh in was

Good luck to all that face the scales this week