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New to Me

Yesterday i bought some new items at the store;

Stevia:One Packet of SteviaPlus = Two Teaspoons of Sugar!
Stevia, one of the most beneficial plants on earth, is used throughout the world as a no-calorie sweetener. Native to Paraguay, the leaves of the Stevia plant have a delicious and refreshing taste that can be 30 times sweeter than sugar.
SweetLeaf™ brand SteviaPlus™, a nutritional supplement, uses only a small amount of Stevia to produce its remarkably refreshing taste, and is available in convenient packets or powder form. Sweetleaf also offers SteviaClear, a liquid form of stevia for sweetening beverages and other Stevia products for cooking.
SteviaPlusTM Fiber Packets
Stevia Studies have shown that as the beneficial bacteria fed by SteviaPlus® Fiber increase they begin to provide the body with many of the following benefits:

* Improves regularity
* Cleanses the colon
* Helps produce vitamins
* Assists and strengthens the immune system
* Supports liver health
* Prevents overgrowth of Candida albicans (yeast)
* Helps control the formation of free radicals
* Does not adversely affect blood sugar
My views:
Is it sweeter than sugar? I dont think it is, it is healthy for me than sugar, i think so. Maybe the liquid form is sweeter than sugar.I purchased the packets. They say that 4 pks is equal to the fiber in one bowl of cereal.

Better`n`Butter---kids loved it, enough said.. The texture is not "peanut buttery' but for 2 points for 2 T, i will live with it. My DD said it tasted like Nutella. I actaully bought it for a recipe.
Guilt-less gourmet Dessert Bowls versus Betty Crocker Warm Delights,

3 points or 8 points. The guiltess ones were .52 cents more but thats a bargain for my hips!

Re: New to Me

I hated BetterNButter because it was too sweet!
But still love my reduced Pnut butter and my PB2

My sister is the only one who does not like PB2


Re: New to Me

What's PB2 and dessert bowls? they sound interesting and I am always on the lookout for products new to me. Thanks, maajida

Re: New to Me

I use to mix chocolate in with the better n peanut butter. That's good too. :)

Honestly, I don't care for the PB2 mixed with water and used as peanut butter like it says to use it. I do love it in the powder form though to add to smoothies, pudding and stuff.

I'm not actually giving the makers of PB2 a referral (good product, but after the terrible customer service I got, I just can't really recommend them) but if you don't know what it is and want to check it out, the website is www.bellplantation.com

Re: New to Me

I hate Pudge Free brownies. They are so bland. I was very disappointed. I guess sometimes you just have to try things for yourself. I do love Aimee's website some great recipes. Thanks Aimee

Re: New to Me

I really like the better than peanut butter stuff. Then again I could be biased because it's been months since I've had the real thing. I did find that if I put just the tiniest bit of salt on my pb and j sandwich, it tasted much more like the real deal. I know, salt is no good, but it made it sooo good lol.

Re: New to Me

There are so many posts about peanut butter, that I'm a bit concerned- is it bad for you? I use the natural kind (no trans fat and no added salt or sugar) I know the calories are a bit high if I were to go a little nutty (pun intended) and eat the whole jar, but I find a teaspoon or two is all I need. Please advise if I'm missing something though. I pretty much have a bit of PB everyday!

Re: New to Me

Maj, i think the PB2 is powdered pb and You mix it with water. I dont really eat alot of PB to buy something like that and when i need it in a recipe its usually only 1-2 Tablespoons anyway.

Here is the link for the dessert bowls.(single serve desserts) I bought all 3 and the kids picked out their's and Mom got what was left, which was Bananas Foster, i didnt care for it,as for the other 2 "flavors' the kids loved em.

Re: New to Me


I love crackers but Town House "Toppers" are 3 crackers for 2 points!! Eck!Only ones that are low in points taste like cardboard( ie:wheat thins)
So i was in the store yesterday and was talking to someone and she mentioned Nut-Thins, made by Blue Diamond...so i bought a box.
They are nut and rice crackers and Oh my gawd are they good. I got the Country Ranch, they have other flavors as well but they were all sold out. The Country Ranch are made with Almonds, then the others are made with Pecan and also Hazelnut.
3 points for 16 crackers.

Flat Earth made by Frito Lay.
I had a sample of these before and the one i had was ok( think it was a tomato one) Yesterday i seen a recipe that called for some sorta dried fruit chip, so i bought these. They are called Baked Fruit Crisps
The smell alone is wonderful and the taste is so sweet. I purchased "Apple Cinnamon Grove"

3 points= 14 crisps.

* i do work in a grocery store so i can take the time to scan the aisle for new products*

Re: New to Me


I think our problem with peanut butter is the fat/calorie content. 16 grams of fat for two tablespoons is a bit much for me to fit in to my day. Also, you don't get quite as much bang for your calorie buck. I could have a giant meal for less fat and calories than I would get in just one little pb and j sandwich. It is also hard for a lot of us to stick to that small serving because it tastes so darn good!

I still love the stuff, and it's a great source of yummy protein (esp. for people like me that don't like meat). I just found it works a lot better for me to go with a lower fat replacement.

Re: New to Me

those new finds sound pretty good. I'll have to look for them and see if they have them in my grocery store yet. :) Thanks!

Re: Re: New to Me

Yeah I agree, but SOME of us just LOVE peanut butter!!! That is me.
PB2 comes the closest to natural peanut just fresh ground and made since I was a kid. I am 52.

I had no problems with the site or the company.

I LOVE my PB2 and mix it with cool whip for a nice pie filling or topping.


Re: New to Me

Byers 100 calorie ice cream cups
Cookies n Cream 2 pts

Dole Parfaits
Pineapple,Peach or Apple
2 points

I bought the pineapple and the apple ones.
The apples one i took a taste of were very sweet, my DD said the pineapples ones were,"ok".

Re: New to Me

Quaker Breakfast Cookies.
I am hooked on the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip ones......
3 points, but i love every bite

Also have Apple Cinnamon
Oatmeal Raisin

Re: New to Me

I still can not find the Flat OUT Bread!
Also my closest grocery store, is closing 8 pm from now on!
Can not believe it!
24 hours to 16 hours to 12 hours!