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4-point PIZZA lunch

I made a pizza for lunch using the lite flat out bread and it was really good so I thought I'd share.

1 flat out wrap lite
1/4 cup part skim mozzarella cheese
1 points worth (about 7-8 slices or 15g) of turkey pepperoni
diced green pepper, onion, mushrooms
2 tablespoons tomato sauce

Bake flat out wrap in oven set to 350 for about 7 minutes. Remove from oven and spread sauce, sprinkle cheese and veggies and top with pepperoni. Bake for another 10 minutes until cheese melts and pepperoni gets crunchy.

You can vary the points depending upon how much cheese you use and what toppings you use - I am planning on trying to make a bbq chicken one (AKA Lean Cuisine 7 point pizza) tomorrow using 2 tblps bbq sauce instead of tomato and adding 1 oz. diced cooked chicken instead of pepperoni.

WHAT DID YOU DO FOR LUNCH TODAY? Share your great ideas.
BTW went to WI today and hit my 10% and although I still have a way to go I am psyched! WHOO HOO!

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

wonderful that you made your 10% whoooohooooooooo

ok now on to flat out bread!!! whats that?? name, brand etc..

I'm curious to try some homemade pizza..

I was going to use a WW whole wheat pizza cut in half and then add sauce and cheese, don't know about the pepperoni fake stuff just yet, peppers and onions would do me better...

In fact I dislike pepperoni even the real mc coy...

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

Flat out wraps are like a huge tortilla type bread to make wrap sandwiches out of. The light version is only 1 point. You can find them in the grocery store near the deli counter usually not by the bread. They have a web site where I lightened up their recipe for pizza to make it point friendly - it is www.flatoutbread.com
I use them all the time to make wrap sandwiches and also mock-panninnis on the forman grill. They are very filling - I think they have 9-10 g of fiber.

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

The name brand is actually "Flat Out". I find it in the bakery section in Ohio stores. It's real long thin pieces of bread that kind of look like oval shaped tortilla shells. They have all different kinds (varying nutrition) some are even flavored. I like the whole grain white a heck of a lot. It has like 7-8 grams of fiber, 110 ish calories, and some fat 2 grams? Sorry don't have a wrapper right here.

They're also freaking huge. They seem to be about 8-10 inches long if I recall. So you get this gigantic low fat low cal thin crust pizza.

On second thought, just check em out here http://www.flatoutbread.com/

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

BTW I cannot buy WW bread here but I have heard the pitas are great.
Cant find too much stuff here (Tennessee) like I did when we were in New Jersey...miss trader joes and whole foods.

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

Hmmm seems if you just got to flatoutbread.com it doesn't work, try this http://www.flatoutbread.com/movie.html

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

Thanks Amanda
I just went into the website and now I know what they are, I've seen them before, but didn't know what to do with them...

OK pizza it is... I'll give it a try...
Tomorrows mission hunt for flatout bread.. lol..

WHat a pack of genius people on this site, rock on!!

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

Okay why can't you just place the sauce on them and then bake like regular pizza? Why bake first?

I have never seen them in Ca I will look for them.

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

The bread gets more crusty if you bake it first. Otherwise it tends to stay a little soft in the center. Thanks to Aimee for correcting me on this one!

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

I've hit more stores around here looking for the flat breads, but no luck so far, I have one more to try, no two.. haha..

I went into the web site, only draw back is you have to order a max of 7 pkgs, what the devil am I going to do with so many if I order online???

I did find flat bread in one store, but they weren't lite, I had my point finder with me which i always carry, and 1 serving was 4 points...and that wss with nothing on it.

I'll keep looking... maybe just maybe I'll luck out and find it someplace, I guess my last resort will be driving 45 miles to a Trader Joes....

Next idea, maybe one of you good hearted WW'er could send me a pkg or two, and I'll of course pay for it along with the shipping...

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

Mission Accomplished....

I stopped in a no name store, spoke to the girl in the deli, and shes going to order them and they'll be there on Tues.....

thats a stop to make after WW, and the gym....

Now I can have a 4 pt pizza toooooooo.. LOL...

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

Good deal! I was just going to answer your post after class and tell you I could send some.

Try the whole grain ones, they rock!

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

Thats the ones I told the girl in the deli to order.

Thanks for offering to help me out.....

Re: 4-point PIZZA lunch

They are not in the bread aisle - but usually near the deli counter on a rack infront of or near the deli meat case - I used to live in NJ and they had them at Stop and Shop. Here in Tennessee they carry them at SWM...good idea to ask someone to get them for you - now I hope you like them.
I'm having one with my lunch now - I put a veggie burger and some lettuce & tomatoe on it for a 2-point sandwich - it's my son's birthday today and Im making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner (his favorite - which I don't make very often anymore) and although I'm planning to eat some - I will measure out my one cup's worth - I'm trying to go low points the rest of the day...but Im very hungry today - Go figure! LOL