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George Foreman Grill

Does anyone have some good recipies for the George Foreman grill? I just got one and can't wait to use

Re: George Foreman Grill


Besides grilling meat on it I like to grill portabella mushrooms on mine. I use both whole caps and sliced ones. All I do is spray Pam on mushrooms and then just season with salt, pepper and garlic powder. It just takes a couple minutes for them to cook. I also like to grill asparagus. Just place asparagus spears on grill and drizzle them with a little olive oil. Then I usually use pepper and garlic salt to season. These take a little longer to cook. About 5-10 minutes. Happy grilling!

Re: George Foreman Grill

It also makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich..

I have one but I haven't used it in years, i guess I got bored with it, and got lazy to wipe it and put it away...

You'll have fun with it, steaks and burgers are good on it also.. so is grilled chicken....

Re: George Foreman Grill

I use it like i would an outdoor grill, i am on my second GF grill.

Re: George Foreman Grill

I love my Foreman. We make all kinds of stuff on it. I love to make turkey bacon on mine. It is perfectly crisp and because you cook it with the lid down you don't have to worry about it splattering everywhere.
My BIL uses it to make french toast and my SIL uses it to make breaded fish on. She breads her fish just as if she were going to fry it and then puts it on the GF sprayed with pam. I haven't tried this yet but my FIL raved about this.
Anyway it works great for all kinds of meat.
Have fun!

Re: George Foreman Grill

Thanks everyone! I did make steaks on it yesterday and they turned out kind of gray looking. No grill marks and kind of bland tasting. Maybe it was the cut of meat, and I needed to marinate it.
I am looking forward to trying lots of differant things on it!

Re: George Foreman Grill

I think the trick is heat it hot first, don't put the meat on a cold or warm grill, preheat it well.

close the lid and you'll get the grill marks

as you said it could have been the cut of meat.

shrimp is also good on it done on skewers with peppers onions and mushrooms...

Re: George Foreman Grill

I put chicken, red peppers, and red onion on a screwer and pour a little FF Italian Dressing on them then cook.

Soak screws in water first so they don't burn too much.

Re: George Foreman Grill

I grill portabello mushroom caps on it (I'm a vegetarian so it's like a meat substitute for me!) and grill sliced veggies like zucchini on it as well.

I like making grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches too! Or grilled cheese and tomato. I also make quesadilla things on it...

There is really so much you can do with the grill. Since all the fat drips out of the meat, it won't taste the same as if you grilled it on a regular grill...and yes, it may look different too. But just season and marinate it well and you'll never miss the fat!