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What's on the menu today?

Just curious - what do you all have planned for lunch or dinner today?
We have an early baseball game, so I am going to make a quick dinner of fish sticks and something on the side...I might even use a one point roll and make a sammy. Not very exciting I know, but quick!
I made the King Ranch Chicken casserole (found it on Halfmysize.com) last night and it was really good- changed it up a little by adding more veggies and using really low point tortillas - 2 for 1. Having leftovers as I speak/write right now for lunch.

Re: What's on the menu today?

I just ate 5 points
a 94%ff onion tortilla with 6 slices of baked ham, 1 slice pepper jack 2%milk cheese, 3 pt

a strawberry smoothie with 1/2 cup WW choc sundae ice cream.... 2 points

Dinner is 1/2 cup br rice with veggies and lite soy sauce, 2 pts

chicken cutlet with 98%FF cream of mushroom soup, red pepper onion fresh garlic baked.... 6 points

large salad 2 pts for the dressing..

dinner 10 points

breakfast was 4 pts

i have a total of 3 points for some kind of snack after dinner,, probably no pudge brownie with ice cream and lite cool whip 2 pts....

a point left over....... maybe I'll use it maybe I won't.....

thats my food day.....

Re: What's on the menu today?

I have a lot to do tonight, so we're just having chicken fried rice heated up in the microwave (frozen from Trader Joe's).

Re: What's on the menu today?

I had a couple of slices of super thin and low fat ham, cheesy hashbrowns, and broccoli. I waddled away from the table lol!

I don't even want to think about dinner. I have no idea what I'm going to make. Perhaps a frozen meal.

Re: What's on the menu today?

I just realized I forgot to mention what I had for lunch. LOL! See, dinner is on my brain. :) I had a Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich on a regular bun, no tomato. Chili instead of fries and a diet lemonade.

For breakfast I just had 16 oz. of fat free milk (didn't feel like cooking and had too much to do)

Re: What's on the menu today?

1 oz almonds
1/2 cup nonfat light vanilla yogurt
1/4 oats
1 can mandarin oranges
small coffee with 1 oz soy milk

Salad with romaine, carrots, cabbage and lima beans with homemade FF dressing
1 small whole wheat pita
1 snack size SF FF Chocolate Pudding

10 almonds
1 apple
100 cal bag popcorn

Dinner- not sure yet but definitely something protein-based

Oh and in case it's not obvious, I don't eat meat

Re: What's on the menu today?

Mandee-Do you eat fish or are you strictly vegan? My youngest son (9 years old) decided to become vegetarian over a year ago - but he eats fish. It has made me eat lots more fish and veggies and I really like to eat that way - every now and then I have meat, but really not too often. How do you find it counting points - is it easier or harder for you?

Re: What's on the menu today?

Hey Marilyn,

Like your son, I've pretty much always been a vegetarian (since I was 5 years old!) I don't eat fish though I sorta wish I did because it's such a nutritional powerhouse. As for whether or not it's easier or harder to count points, it's hard to say. On one hand, lean meat is a great source of healthy, filling food that I don't get to take advantage of but on the other, I feel like vegetarian diet causes me to naturally eat a large variety of veggies, fruit, soy, beans, dairy etc. Sounds to me like you have the good balance going.

Re: What's on the menu today?

Breakfast: Turkey, 2% Swiss Cheese and Lite Mayo on Natures Own White Wheat Bread

Lunch: LC Turkey w/Apples
SF Watermelon Jello

Dinner: Baked Potato w/Lite Sour Cream (from home)
Frescatta Sandwich from Wendy's

Re: What's on the menu today?

Smart Bacon on rye toast with 1 T Bummel & Brown-3 pts
Tea and lime water.
Lime water

1 Banana =2 pts
Lime water

1 Large La Tortilla High Fiber with one wedge of LC cheese and sauted veggies, with a dash of Mrs.Dash Table blend.= 2pts
Lime water( i use True lime or lemon, its crystallized and comes in packs, just like sugar packs)
light no brand vanilla yogurt-2 pts.

i have used 9 points so far and still have 16 left, my dinner will be
Shrimp and Feta Linguine which is 6 points, ( i use Whole wheat linguine and red-fat feta)

Last night i made Peanut Butter Chocolate Bread Pudding from hungry-girl site.
1/2 cup for 2 points
So if there is some left when i come home from work i will eat that!

Re: What's on the menu today?

I like this idea of what's on the menu!! Helps with ideas of different meals to try - thanks :)

Re: What's on the menu today?

THis morning i had

egg on lite muffin 3 pt
1 sm banana 1 pt

1 WW Whole wheat Pita 1 pt
6 slices lean ham 1 pt
1 slice 2% milk pepperjack cheese 1 pt

vanilla smoothie with 1 cup WW cherry yogart 2 pts
2 pt salty and sweet WW bar 2 pt


1 cup chili with hot turkey sausage chopped meat
and beans red and white kidney... 8 pts

1/2 cup bow tie pasta 2 pts

I have 5 pts left including 3 for Activity.....

lots of water today...

Re: What's on the menu today?

So far i had
Serving size(1 1/4 cup) of Life Vanilla Yogurt Crunch Cereal w/1 cup light soy milk---5 points
** I am not a cereal fan,only because after an hour i am hungry again, but a friend told me about this and i tried it ***
Water-hot tea

Lunch suggestion,
Smart Deli Bologna( veggie lunchmeat)/w tomatoes on a whole wheat roll -2 pts
Easy Creamy Coleslaw- 2/3 cup 2 points

Planning on for dinner
Spaghetti Squash Italiano -4.5
( its spaghetti squash,after baking,separate the pulp into strands, leave enough in the bottom and sides so you have like a shell. Sprinkle little cheese in the bottom and add a mixture of tomatoes,pine nuts,garlic,onions,return to oven)

Re: What's on the menu today?

Warm weather means................firing up the BBQ!

Butterfish and grilled veggies.......i may even try pineapple

Re: What's on the menu today?

I bought a loin of pork yesterday, marinated in a mushroom mixture 4 oz 4 pts...
its the other white meat, and it was soooo good.

I also had a brown rice with veggies and lite soy sauce 1/2 cup 2pts

large salad 2 pts

then to top it off I had a no pudge brownie with WW ice cream and cool whip 2pts

10 point dinner....

then I was done...

I went to that baby shower yesterday, and all I had was a diet coke... 20 women there, and I was the only one that didn't order, nothing on the menu appealed to me and I wasn't wasting points on something I didn't want..

Besides I was smart, I had lunch b4 i got there, and stuck on my program....

Re: What's on the menu today?


I wish I had your will power! You are soooo strong. I probably would have ordered something just because everyone else was eating and that's sad!!!! But honest.

Re: What's on the menu today?

Last night I made a Bobali (spelling) pizza with tomato paste and tomato juice and spices and garlic for sauce.
parmasean and kraft cheddar FF cheese
Vegan peperoni
ricotta cheese.
To Die for

About 4 pts for the pizza dough
about 4 more points for the toppint!
I did not count it exactly but estimated it because my counter is now where to be found right now.

I placed the peperoni under the sauce so that they did not crisp or dry out. I microwaved it instead of baking it. The texture of dough was chewy instead of crisp. It worked as I just could not wait. I get home very late at night.

Next time I will add black olives and anchiovies!

Tonight I had Wild Salmon which will be on JeanCats Finds soon!

Love to all, I go to see mom on Sat.
Jean Cat

Re: What's on the menu today?

Had 3 whole butterfish,( they weighed less than a pound for all 3) a dozen and a half of clams, a cluster of Snow Crab, marinated zucchini in raspberry vingeritte and pineapple with a little brown sugar,cinnamon and ginger.
I grilled all of this and it was tasty.

The butterfish was not that big, and i had 8 clams( littlenecks and goldennecks)plus the veggie and fruit.
My DD's had butterfish and the other 8 clams.
Other DD has the snow crab since she dont care for clams.

Re: What's on the menu today?

I think today I'll alter Aimee's mini pot-pie recipe and have those for dinner. I plan on using the nearly fat free broc and cheese soup (instead of cream of chicken), a bit of super lean ham (instead of chicken) and about half and half mixed veggies and broccoli...mmmmm.

I used to get full fat pot pies that had a mixture similar to this, and I liked them a lot better than the chicken ones. So let's see if I can't make em low fat style.

Re: What's on the menu today?

Butternut squash fries (flexes my bi-ceps after cutting the squash)

Zesty Italian "meatball" subs ( made with meatless meatballs- lol, that sounds strange)

Baked Beans, WW style

Re: What's on the menu today?

Did you find the squash fries recipe on HG? I've been trying to find the squash, but it seems to be out of season and nobody has it.

Gotta tell us if they're good!

Re: Re: What's on the menu today?

I made my BBQ /SeetnSour Beef Short Ribs in the Crock last night for today!
I will most likely have brussel sprouts with ICBINB spray
and some rice or yam I love yams! with cinnamon and splenda
I had my grapefruit juice for breakfast. Not hungry yet. So postponing my eating until I am.


Re: What's on the menu today?

Well that was supposed to be BBQ - Sweet N Sour Beef Ribs! not seetnsour!'

Anyway I just could not find any hunger or appetite at a 3 level today! Still doing Flex, but learning about my body's feeling full, empty or satisfied.

Anyway I forced myself to have 1 package of mixed unsalted trail mix as a breakfast.

I will have the beef for lunch or dinner later. Only 1:20 pm now in California.

Mood is positive, just not hungry! Go figure!


Re: What's on the menu today?

I have a roast in the crockpot with onions, potatoes and baby carrots. Smells really good. I can't wait to eat. LOL!