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Core Question

I decided to try the Core Plan this week to try to refocus myself (I have been doing WW since August and have lost 30 lbs. but since Christmas I have really been struggling...up 2 lbs. down 2 lbs. etc...so I thought I'd try a change).

Anyway.....I bought some of the Oscar Mayer shaved turkey breast from the lunch meat section of the grocery (it is 60 calories for 6 slices). Does that fall under the Core Foods? I see turkey listed, but I don't see anything about lunch meat.

I'd also love any suggestions if you're on Core. Today is my first day and I feel like it is harderer than I thought it would be.
Pam S.

Re: Core Question

I don't follow Core, but if I remember correctly, lunch meat of any kind isn't considered Core. Maybe someone else can correct me if I'm wrong or give more detail. :)

Re: Core Question

I did core for a while, but now I'm back on flex..

No that particular type is not allowed.
In the book it says Lean Ham, or lean turkey I would think that would be from a regular type ham...or a turkey breast or a whole turkey....

You can still use it, I did, but take 1 point from your 35 extra flex points that your allowed,

Also the flavored yogarts aren't allowed either, I was using WW 1 pt and I pulled from the 35...

Re: Core Question

Thanks so much. I'm sure glad I asked this question here. I've been doing some "Core Research" on the WW boards and I think if I'd have asked it over there, I may have been verbally assaulted! They're a bit brutal!
This is day 2 on Core and so far so good. I'll let you know how my "refocusing" goes this week!

Re: Core Question

Good luck Pam! :) Let us know how it goes. If I don't lose at this next weigh in, I might switch over to Core for a week or two and see how I do. That's probably all I'll be able to take though... a week or two. LOL!

Re: Core Question

That just might be your ticket Aimee.

When i was in a stuck mode, I went on to core, and I lost a few lbs from doing it for a week...

sometimes our bodies need an extra boost...
drink more green tea, I'm finding I have a load of energy more than normal..
The metabolism is really kicking in with high test fuel....

Re: Re: Core Question

I was thinking of giving Core a try too. I have been stuck in a rut lately. Several people at my meeting yesterday decided to try Core for awhile and said it was a nice change. Have you guys found it to be a helpful change of pace? What I don't know is, how do you find recipes that are core? Is there a list anywhere that says which of Aimee's recipes meet the core requirements? I know on some of the WW stuff, it has a checkmark in front of it if it is core. Thank you for your input, Sue

Re: Core Question

Something like hand carved turkey or ham would be acceptable for core,
but not processed lunchmeat.

Hope that this helps.

Switching to Core made me appreciate flex so much more and I was able to follow Flex better.

I like Tobe am back on Flex. But I am currently using the scale to emotionally track when and how I am eating if I am full, empty or satisfied. I am teaching myself what I learn about it and learning more about myself. Hope that makes sense!

Gvie it your best shot, you can always switch back.