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The Benefits of Green Tea

If you didn't get a chance to check out my blog today (or maybe you didn't even know I have a daily blog. LOL), I wrote about the benefits of green tea since we've been discussing green tea quite a bit lately. I read A LOT last night. In fact, I read so much, I couldn't even write everything out because the blog was getting too long. LOL! I quoted some of you as far as what flavors you said you like. I hope you don't mind. If you want to read the article, here's the link...


I'm thinking about checking out the book that I posted at the bottom of the blog. According to the reviews I read at amazon, it sounds like a fun read. :)

Re: The Benefits of Green Tea

I have to interrupt this with a momentary whine lol. Ok so 8-10 glasses of water a day (you're supposed to have more if you weigh more or workout), 24 oz of milk, 8 oz of orange juice (as suggested by my dr. since I should be getting more folic acid during this time of my life), and of course green tea now to boost metabolism.

I know I sound like a big whiner, but I can hardly handle the thought of drinking anything else. I already slosh when I walk lol. Does anyone else get this depressed sort of feeling about all the fluids?

Re: The Benefits of Green Tea

I know how you feel, Amanda..I feel the same way right now and I'm sipping on a big glass of cold water.

Re: The Benefits of Green Tea

Before re-joining i use to drink Coke Zero all the time, plus my many cups of hot tea. I drink hot tea year long. But because i know the health benefits of drinking water, i eliminated(by choice) the Coke Zero.Now my DD's drink water also :).

I recently picked up the lastest issue of WW magazine, i did run across this:

Green Tea Extract
The Claims: Boosts metabolism and decreases appetite.

The Bottom Line: Little evidence to prove claims
Can cause GI problems
May contain a large amount of

* i did not read the blog yet Aimee and i am thinking this(above) is Green Tea in its liquid form, not in leaf form as in a tea bag.
I dont care for green tea its not strong enough for me.

I think whatever works for each person and whatever that person enjoys they should stick with it.Its not hard to incorporate milk/dairy, and/or juice plus water and tea or whatever beverage You enjoy