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Caramel Hazelnut Frappucino, 1pt!

Hello again,
These days I am obsessed with trying to find the perfect frap/iced capp drink recipe. This is one that I made up and enjoyed it. I am still working on more. If any of you have recipes for this I'd greatly appreciate them!

Re: Caramel Hazelnut Frappucino, 1pt!


I forgot to include the recipe! Maybe it's time for me to go to bed! hehehe

1 serving Davinci SF Caramel Syrup
3/4 serving fat free hazelnut creamer
2 tsp coffee, instant or regular, powder
1 oz water
1/3 cup 8th Continent Light vanilla soy milk
1 1/2 cup ice cube(s)

Bring water to boil and dissolve the creamer and coffee in it. Then add it to cold soy milk and ice cubes. Blend in blender.
**3/4 of a serving of the creamer is 3 tsps of the powdered creamer in the brand that I buy which is Kroger brand.