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question for Aimee

I noticed in your post about what your menu was today that you ate the Wendy's grilled chicken on a regular bun. Do you mean the buns that they use for the burgers and if so does that change the point value? I always order their grilled chicken sandwich and usually the chili too!

Thanks! Tammy

Re: question for Aimee

Hi Tammy,
Yes, it saves you a point if you get it on a regular bun (like the hamburgers come on). The grilled chicken use to come on a regular bun, but when they changed to the "chicken temptation" sandwiches they decided for some reason it needed a bigger bun. It's 8 points if you order it like it comes and 7 points if you ask for it on a regular bun. I figure if I save the point from the bun, I can eat the crackers that come with my chili. LOL!

Re: question for Aimee

Ah, I didn't realize that they were now 8 pts on that bun. I was still charging myself 7 pts! I guess I'll have to remember that bun change next time!
Thanks for the info!