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On Program Fri 4/13

Well we've come to the end of the week,
Now the weekend is approaching, and I have a big party to go to tomorrow, so I have to put a plan into play to stay on program...

I can do it!!!!!!! and I will do it. I had damage from Easter Sunday, and now I have to undo it, for this weeks upcoming Weigh IN.

I am staying on program today.......

Re: On Program Fri 4/13

go for it, Tobe. With your determination you can't miss. Maajida

Re: On Program Fri 4/13

Tobe, I like your determination, girl! Parties are hard because who the heck wants to stress about it? It's a PARTY for heaven's sake!! :) But at the same time, they can be a major diet pitfall. My best party advice is this. Rather than avoid all food, which I find impossible and usually sets me up for the "I ate a potato chip and said I wasn't going to so I failed and might as well eat the entire buffet table" trap, I follow two simple rules: 1) I stay hydrated with h2o, and 2) I never eat standing up and make sure that when I do eat, I sit down and eat off a plate. It's amazing how well this works for curbing mindless munching and keeping me satisfied

Re: On Program Fri 4/13

Good luck Tobe, I know you can do it! Hungry girl and Aimee both have yummy recipes if it's the sort of get together that you can contribute to. At least you'd have something on the table that you know is ok.

I'll be on program with you too today and hopefully for the full weekend!

Re: On Program Fri 4/13

Good luck Tobe! I know you can do it! You have the knowledge and want to make it through anything. :)

I have a lot to do this afternoon, but I'm taking the night off to go to my parents for dinner and some card playing (hopefully more like card whoopin') LOL!

I'm OP with ya!

Re: On Program Fri 4/13

I'm with ya too Tobe! Keep strong, and remember that "nothing tastes as good as thin feels". We can do this!!! LouAnne

Re: On Program Fri 4/13

This party is for 2pm I plan on having my lunch here before I go...

If I get tempted I'll have my own car there, and I can just sneak on out and come home..

haha I've done it before on many occasions....

I'll report back tomorrow evening and let you know how I did...

scale for me on Tues at 9am.... I know I've already dropped that .6 that I put on from Easter. Hopefully I might hit goal this week, and if not, well we go another week...

Re: On Program Fri 4/13

Splash Tropical = 10 cals
LTEM -split
topped with JeanCats Slppy Joe (soy crumble recipe mix, on JeanCat's Finds coming soon!)

On my way to work now!

Doing the best I can! and that's okay. Still no binges while mom is sick...........that is a first for me. But eating out on the run more than usual, ording well, but eating too much has kept pounds from shedding. But that's okay, I am where I should be ...for now.

Love to all, I am on program content. Quantity is a different story. But my expectations are not to loose right now, but to maintain or gain only slightly and not go into diabetes from my pre-diabetic state under this stress.

So have a great day everyone: ON PROGRAM!


Re: On Program Fri 4/13

You can do it, Tobe! Here's an idea that I often use. Number one I try to always carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, but especially to parties because then I know that at least I have the water part of it taken care of. Then if it is a potluck type of thing I always try to contribute something that I really enjoy but that is WW friendly. Finally, I usually keep a 2 pt bar or something of that nature stashed in my purse so that if there are lots of high cal desserts I can just have one of those and be content.
Good luck!