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want to hear a good story???

Today I stopped in the WW center to pick up a few boxes of the Sweet and Salty 2 pt bars.
As the clerk was figuring out the amount, I saw her name badge, and on it.. it said she lost 152 lbs.

I said to her you lost 152, she looked like she never had an ounce of fat anywhere on her body, thats how good she looked.

Then i saw a familiar face that I knew from somewhere, it turned out she was the leader of one of the meetings I went to 5 yrs ago, and I was 4 lbs below goal..

She said to me gee you look good, and you kept the weight off, i had to chuckle and said, NO, I'm back but almost at goal again..

She was in the area shopping, and she said she just wanted to drop in and sit, and listen for the 1/2 hr, that she felt she needed a meeting, she still works for WW by the way....

ok thats the end of my story, thanks for listening.

Re: want to hear a good story???

WW is like a family world wide.