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WW Cookbooks

What (if any) WW cookbooks do you use alot or recommend. I hear they have a new one - Pure Comfort 150 all time feel good favorites - wonder if it is any good.

In my WW meeting our leader is giving out coupons each week ($1.00 off merchandise) for every week you stay for the meeting. You can accumulate them and then buy something with the $. I think it runs through May. Was wondering what to spend my free $ on.

Re: WW Cookbooks

gee Marilyn your lucky we get a 1 pt bar to try out, other than that coupons nope not here,,

If you don't have the measuring spoons, the 1/2 and 1 cup buy them,, I use them for every meal, I even use them for myself when I have company... besides they make for a good mixing utensil...

I've been using Aimee's cook books I find ww is too complicated with too many ingredients,

Re: WW Cookbooks

My leader is awesome - it is really a great meeting that I look forward to going to - even though it does involve stepping on the scale!
I was looking at those spoons the other day - I have to say I have been very good about weighing and measuring EVERYTHING and those look like they would be good for less clean up since you can use them to measure and stir your food.
I just recently got a Cooking Light cookbook, and although some of the recipes look really good, most of them have a gazillion ingredients - I don't have the patience for that right now.
And you are right Aimees recipes ROCK!
Maybe I'll just use my coupons for a box of 1-point bars which I never buy since they seem pretty pricey, although they say the new Dark Chocolate Raspberry ones are good - not sure if they are at my WW center or not.

Re: WW Cookbooks

Marilyn the center I go to has the choc raspberry, they are the best.
I bought a box 12 total they're 1 point
pricey $7.50

I put mine in the freezer and when I want that something sweet i just pull one out, being frozen takes longer to nibble at it..

buy them, very well worth it, and the spoons your going to fall madly in love with,and say to yourself, "Self why didn't I buy these the day I walked into my first WW meeting" LOL.

Mine are in white, thats how old they are, they don't come in white anymore new color, blk... worth every penny. I must have mine for over 10 yrs, when I'm not on WW they stay in the back of the drawer, when I"m on WW they never get a chance to go in the drawer.

Re: WW Cookbooks

I won cookbook for attending so many meetings in a row. I think I chose the crockpot recipes, but so many of their recipes call for stuff like squash, zuccinni? (sp) I can't even spell it, I surely don't want to eat it. YUK! I am not that big on a lot of vegetables, so I don't think I would really care for the ww's cookbooks. I haven't really seen that many recipes that our leader hands out every week that I would want to fix. I'll just stick with Aimee's. I made here chicken fried rice for dinner this evening. YUMMMMM! I have seen where Tobe has mentioned the measuring spoons before. I think I am going to get some this Tues and those rasberry bars. I hope she has those, I don't remember seeing them before.

Re: WW Cookbooks

I dont have any recent WW cookbooks, though i am a cook-book freak. I use alot of Light`n`Tasty` cookbooks and have thousands of reciped from the internet.I do have old WW cookbooks. ( 5 yrs ago)

Re: WW Cookbooks

Found a WW- "Five ingredient-15 minute" Cookbook at work today which i thought was great! I used 2 recipes from it since I used the grill (grilled pineapples and the other one was for grilled zucchini)

Re: WW Cookbooks


Wow, what a generous leader you have! We've never gotten anything like that here. The most we've ever gotten is a tiny sample of a new food product.

Currently our leader is loaning that new book out that you mentioned in your post. I have it for this week. We are to make one recipe out of it and then put our notes about the recipe in the book and then take it back to the meeting so that someone else can do the same.

I really like the book. I went through it and made a list of things that I thought sounded good and not too difficult to prepare. I am going to make the creamed spinach recipe tonight. It is one point for 1/2 cup serving.

Did I hear someone say dark chocolate raspberry in a 1 pt bar???? LOL I haven't seen them yet but you best believe I'll be looking and asking my leader about them!

Have a great day everyone!

Re: WW Cookbooks

The dk choc 1 pt raspberry bars are the best. I keep mine in the freezer, it takes longer to eat when frozen. they're small, so every little morsel helps when frozen..

They just came out about 2 or 3 weeks ago....

Buy them you'll love them...
Remember tho if you eat 2 in one sitting they're not counted as 2 pts... its more. more like 3 or 4
but if you have 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening then they're 1 point. you have to give your body a chance to metabolize what you just injested.

That was brought up last week in my meeting..