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On Program Sat 4/14

The weekend is here, and this is the time some of us get into trouble..

I plan on journeling this morning, for the foods of the day, although I have a party this afternoon to go to, I know I have to set myself up with a plan, need to do some thinking, for success...

I also have another biggie next Saturday, so here it is April and the parties are starting, I've done this before with success and I know I can follow it again.

Being I live at the beach, theres many events taking place all the time, I have to look at it, as just one more day, and plan it meal by meal, snack by snack...

I intend to have an on program day.

Re: On Program Sat 4/14

I think You are on the right course, as the saying goes, "You can not change what You do not acknowledge".
I think of how i felt mentally and physically,one month ago, one week ago.
Last night i acknowledged that i have an issue with, "grazing", meaning i eat when i am not hungry, if food is around. For example if i am making a recipe, i "taste", a few times.Why? Bad and prior habits. If i cut up a piece of fruit and place it in a bowl, after i had my fill, i tend to still pick at the fruit.At work i do the same thing, i may pop a piece of shrimp in my mouth, or take a sample of a salad. We make hot and oold samples daily and i will eat one of the samples, even if i dont LIKE it!!!

So last night i shared with someone that i need to stop ,"grazing", not eating when i am not hunngry and indeed fully satisfied from just finishing a meal. Just because i am around food don't mean i am intitled to have what i dont need.

So just for today i will not sample,graze.

In a week all that stuff will add up, in a week of not grazing, the scale will go down.

Make a plan and at least for one day, stick with it.
Way to go Tobe.

Re: On Program Sat 4/14

I'm on program today. I hope I can fit my exercise in, but I know I'll be eating right.

For breakfast I dipped 2 pieces of light whole wheat bread in to some egg beaters (mixed with a bit of cinnamon) and tossed it in a hot skillet. I also heated a piece of super lean ham next to it and topped my toast off with sugar-free syrup. Again, I waddled away from the table, and I'm still feeling fat and happy.

I also won a little victory today. I found a bag of sale stuff from Victoria's Secret that I had bought a few months ago. I bought a few things in a size smaller than I was wearing and tucked them away till they fit a little better. As of this morning, they fit! No binding or cutting elastic either. Yipee!

Re: On Program Sat 4/14

Amanda I love hearinig success stories such as yours, especially with clothes as I'm also a shopallic.

I did the party with success, I had a small taste of the cake, for food I had a pc of chicken and a lil salad, no damage done.

Good excuse to leave I had to get home to uncrate my puppy., ahh mans best friend, and the best reason to leave food behind, I'm also very careful what I feed my dogs, I don't want them to get fat...