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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried crispbread. They are actually like a cracker(brand name is Wasa). I figured out the points for one cracker and my point finder says zero points. Should I at least say it is 1 point? I feel guilty eating a cracker and there are no points involved...LOL. There is like 2 fiber, 35 calories and 0 fat for 1 cracker. TIA for any answers. I don't post very often, but I do cruise into this site very often for tips and pointers. This is truly an awesome site Aimee.

Re: Crispbread

Hi Steph and Welcome

I was told a long time ago nothing is 0 other than a veggie... if you figure a 0 give it a 1

Maybe for 1 cracker is 0 but the serving is probably for two...

I've seen them in the store, looked at them and then decided I wasn't interested in buying them, they didn't appeal to me..

Let me know how they are and what you put on it.

Re: Crispbread

My ww leader says that if it calculates to 0 points than woohoo its ZERO POINTS! But if you eat more than one serving, even if it is later in the day, she suggests adding the two or three servings together and calculating it that way. But she only recommends doing this for items that are zero points. However, as we all know you do if you eat more than one serving at the same time no matter what the points value is.

Re: Crispbread

I have eaten a couple of different varieties of the crispbread. My favorite thing to do is to take two of them for one point and spread on half of a wedge of the light laughing cow cheese on each one of them. It is a tasty filling snack. Sometimes I add a slice of turkey breast and sliced tomato and eat them that way for lunch. I personally think they are great and I have my best friend hooked on them. Word of caution though, they are somewhat grainy depending on which one you get so if you aren't one to like whole grain type things then you may not care for these. I personally love whole grain products more than the refined ones.

Re: Crispbread

Hi Everyone, thanks for the information. I really like them and I put some Toby's Mild Jalapeno spread on them. They were really good. So with the cracker and the spread I am saying it is 3 points. Thanks again for the replies.

Re: Re: Crispbread

Hi All!,
In one of my Jean Cats Finds I discuss Wasa bread crisps or crackrs. I love the RYE light. I use them with soups. I love to top them with FF cream cheese that has been previously mixed with garlic herb powder for a great snack. I also spruce them up with smoked salmon and capers on top of the ff cr cheese.
Other toppings:
ff cr ch + black olives or green olives
ff cr ch + capers
ff cr ch + onion powder
ff cr ch + garlic herb
ff ricotta + tomato paste + italian spices toped with fresh basil or black olives or parmasean cheese or any combo
ff ricotta + chicken +parmasean cheese

I use the same toppings wtih Light English Thomas muffins too.

Mixing canned Red Alaskan salmon with ff cr cheese is one of my "in a pinch: what do I have (left) in the house to eat?" snacks. I spread the miuxure on the LTEM I sometimes top with smoked provalone Veggi slices. Some times I broil or microwave just enough to melt.

OCall me wierd but I also like was or LTEM with PB2 or pnut butter and sliced apples or topped with grapes.