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On Program Sun 4/15

Wow half of April is almost gone, And the weather feels like Sept or Oct here In NJ, I am so anxious to get on the beach, but looks like this month it isn't happening,
I went to that party yesterday, I did have a small pc of cake, I dont think I did any damange, as I haven't got on the scale yet.The rest of the food there didn't appeal to me, so that was good...

Today and tomorrow I have to be perfect, and drink tons of water for a WI on tues Morning..

I plan to stay on program today, thats a must!!!!

Re: On Program Sun 4/15

It's so good to read of your determination and I think it's great that you had a small pc of cake...if we don't program in some treats now and then, our efforts can become too depriving and that can backfire. I really messed up big time yesterday....probably some emotional overeating related to handling stress in old ways that no longer serve me well. I appreciate your spirit of determination as i struggle to get back on track. Maajida

Re: On Program Sun 4/15

I'm OP today. Probably won't post here though, I've got a lot of work to do. Been trying to sell some stuff on Ebay this weekend to pay my bills, and I'm going to put a special up on the cookbooks for a week and see how that goes. TTYL!

BTW, congrats on making it through your party Tobe. I doubt a small piece of cake will hurt you. You've done really well.

Hang in there, we all have those days from time to time. It's what you do now that it's over that counts. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Re: Re: On Program Sun 4/15

Zear All, esp Maajida,

I am going through some high emotion with my mom in th rn home. This time around it is not perfect, but it sure as heck is a lot better bcause I have chosen to stay op each daY AND with ah hour at a time! The help of the recomitment thread each day has helped me - Thank you Tobe and Aimee. A responsibility for my own JeanCats finds has also helped me. Journalling going to the meetings has helped m the most.

1. throw out tempting foods - give them to a neighbor or co-worker or friend. Just get rid of them.
2. stock house with point friendly (low pt) foods
3. begin making up or actively searching for new menus oe recipes
4. Make the garden fresh soup, lazy? use a crock pot.
5following wek change the soup a little bit
6. buy a new spice every two weeks and use them and learn hoe to mix them.
7.Can't drnk water? find a differnt fluid until you can! try crstal light indiv pkts, low cal juice drinks (low ncal Ocean spray cran or grapefruit juice, tomato, or low cal splash,or miniute maid )
8. IF i have a feeling to binge....just for today I will have "XYZ" low point snack instead! plan the snack/even plan the tim even if it is your tv time! . maybe low fat micro popcorn, or rice or corn cakes..with or without toppings.
9.CHOCOLATE BINGE?????? Try the WW 1 point carmel choc bars or the NEW dark choc and rasp bars. quaker oats rice cakes come in choc! o'Coco chips are also availble
10. Craving Crunch? rye crisps or wasa with ff cr spreads or low fat cheese, fat free pringles, WW Sweet'N'Salty, walnuts, almonds or cashews
11. Soothing smooths and calming creams: ff cream cheese/ricotta, low/non fat yogurts or frozen yogurts or ice creams , try skinny cow low fat ice cream sandwiches.WW soothies, and homemade root beer floats!
12.Discover a whole new world of low points satisfying foods that you can have on program, keep on hand and if you did over eat it would be so much healthier for you and less of a set back. BUT also know that on WW you CAN have anything you want and lose wt as long as you count it.
13. Exercise? start slow and increase daily or weekly.
14.Journal daily either all the food and pts, or foods on core or even WHY you were upst and may not be able to eat or follow your food plan ---what emotions are you going through.
15.Stay NETWORKING! especially here on line if you don't get to meetings. Make friends with other members

I hope this helps!

Love yas
Jean Cat


Re: On Program Sun 4/15

Sorry for all typos, the computer is my nieces and it is missing some key pad tops and th keys stick.
jean cat