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Has anyone here tried "Corn Thins" ?

Hi everyone. You all give such good info on various products that you like. One of my favorite on track meal staples is "Corn Thins"....they come stacked in a package like rice cakes, and they are the same diameter as rice cakes, but like rice cakes thinly sliced. I don't know about points, but TWO of these are only 45 calories and are versatile enough to be used in many different ways....ie plain accompaniment to soups or salads, instead of bread for sandwiches or open face with a variety of ingredients, or like pizza crusts...i love them because they are so low cal and adaptable. I am always looking for high fiber / volume and lo cal items, because they give me more to crunch for the calories and keep me more satisfied to stay on track. I've found them at some major grocery chains but not others. Maajida

Re: Has anyone here tried "Corn Thins" ?

yumm they sound good, i haven't seen them around, maybe I'll go out and get good and wet and go searching them out.

All these food ideas, lately I'm spending all my time hopping super markets.. lol...

Tues I get to pick up my flatbreads for pizza, I was thinking of maybe taking a drive to TJ's today, but its so bad outside, feels like a monsoon, heavy rains and not yet windy, but its coming, we're getting a noreaster today, and it gets bad here, because we're right on the Atl ocean.....

THe perk living here is the spring and summer for the beach, thats what I do best, hang on the beach.

I just ordered a new 2 pc bathing suit, daring this summer... haha,.... o well, life is short, might as well make the best of it....

nuff from me....

Re: Has anyone here tried "Corn Thins" ?

Tobe, that's so cool about the swim suit...you go, girl! And happy shopping at all the grocery stores...it was raining here in N. Calif. too. Maaj

Re: Has anyone here tried "Corn Thins" ?

Both sound interesting, the corn thins and the flat out bread. Where do you find either one. I have looked at my swm and didn't find them. Where did you order them from Tobe? I absolutely love pizza and this sounds just great, because the real deal takes a toll on my diabetes! If is raining here also, flooding all around me, water was just about in my yard at about 5am.

Re: Has anyone here tried "Corn Thins" ?

Jen I checked all the supermarkets here, asked at the courtesy counter and deli counter. I found one store Shopping Bag that used to carry and the girl was nice enough to say she would get the item in for me.

I checked Superfresh (A&P) Shop Rite, Acme, I was talking to a localperson here and they said Pathmark carries it...

Its called FlatOut Bread.... Lite of course...

Re: Has anyone here tried "Corn Thins" ?

I don't know where to find the Corn thins in my area other than checking by were the rice cakes are at. I have seen things similar to this but I think they are called corn cakes and I have tried them and they are very good.
As for the flatout wraps you can usually find them right in front of the deli counter at SWM. There are usually shelves just below the meat and cheese coolers and that is where I find mine at. My favorite is the sundried tomato.

Re: Has anyone here tried "Corn Thins" ?

1. what is smf or whatever it is?
2. ww has a coupon in th pass out for flat out breads
3. still never have seen it in southern ca
5. hello to Maajida from N. CA


Re: Has anyone here tried "Corn Thins" ?

Here's a website for the corn thins - apparently it's an australian-based company (just glanced quickly!). They do have a store locator for the US and online...

The look interesting!

Re: Has anyone here tried "Corn Thins" ?

Oh -the website