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Green Tea

I few months ago I bought a large box of green tea at Costco, came home and did not like it.

Now that everyone has been talking about green tea I tried it again. I made a gallon and put in frige to get cold and I have been drinking it even without sugar. This has help get me down to 1 can diet pepsi per day.

Tonight I took the green tea and pour in about 1/2 packet of raspbery lemonade crystal light on the go. It made a nice sweet drink and may help those of you who are having trouble with the taste of green tea.

Re: Green Tea

I drink the Lipton Diet Green Tea and LOVE it. My favorite is the citrus kind, but the berry kind has also really grown on me.

Re: Green Tea

That's great that you cut back on the Diet Pepsi! I love green tea, and have used it to keep me from snacking at night