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On Program Mon 4/16

Yup for me its another day to be OP 100%

I have WW tomorrow morning, so today will be another of drinking plenty of water, only draw back I was up last nite every hr on the hr to hit the bathroom..

Its working..
I'm getting on the scale in a few to see what I dropped??????? I was up 2 lbs yesterday, but I made a brown rice mixture with a lite soy sauce and maybe holding some water..
Today will be a bland food day...

Seems like my goal is so close but so far away, haha its going to take me until June to get this 1.2 off.

Thats ok I've accepted it, and I do consider myself at goal.... its just a number... oh that great number game we all play in our heads, LOL...

Have a good day, I know I will, even tho its still raining, I'm going tanning and then hit curves for a 1/2 hr workout....

Re: On Program Mon 4/16

Oh it must feel so good but so frustrating to be so close to goal! I'm proud of ya Tobe.

For me on the other hand, this is the story: eat right, exercise, gain weight. I stayed on program all weekend and this morning I show a gain of 5 pounds.

I'm quite disgusted. It's going to be rather hard staying OP today with that hanging over my head, but I'll try.

Re: On Program Mon 4/16

I am on program today!
I lost 1.6 pounds and I can not tell you how except by the grace of God. I was so busy with my mom that I just did not have time to count and so I tried to do core and use non-core for the 35 points, but did not count those either. The ONE thing I did was I did not binge or eat due to emotions. That was NEW for me. I tried to stay sane with my food even though I was highly emotional all week.

Then this weekend 'since mom was doing so well" I ate things that I would never have eaten. I need to track them. So tonight...

We are talking clams in wine/butter with Italian bread with canoli. Too much fat. But I think with in limits and 35 points! So what is the problem? I just began my week!
But it will be a CLEAN Eat or Clean Food week for me.
That means back to basics for those who are NEWBIES.

Yes for today I am on program!
Again and always!

Thanks Tobe for the thread!


Re: On Program Mon 4/16

Tobe and Amanda, best of luck to you both. It's comforting to read that someone else has been struggling (I am up 4.5 pounds from last week...6 op days and one disasterous off program day on Sat. and I am paying the price)and that someone else also has such such hope and determination as do the both of you. I am discouraged and yet hopeful for the future and appreciate the inspiration you both give. Maajida

Re: On Program Mon 4/16

Lets all huddle together this morning and make a vow to stay 100% OP...

I did get on the scale I'm down 3 lbs.. from yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow I'll be close to getting that 1.2 off.. Again no great expectations on my part, that only sets me up for disappointment, I can only do the best I can just for today...that one day a time is a great concept for me, I work that daily in all my affairs....

So Ladies, whata say??? you all with me?????? OP 100%

Re: Re: On Program Mon 4/16

Dear Maajida,

All of your posts are so very appreciative and grateful and a joy to read. Thank you for teaching us all.


Re: Re: On Program Mon 4/16

I am 100% OP!
Jean Cat

Re: On Program Mon 4/16

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Tobe - hope you hit goal on Tuesday...let us know once you find out.

I am OP 100% today - thanks for all the inspitation ladies!

Trying to stick to high protein/lower "good" carbs today - gotta go and see what I will make for dinner tonight to get me inspired!

BTW - my leader said not to weigh in at home if you are going to weigh at meetings until you are at goal - then you should weigh yourself every single day - since getting on home scales can vary from day to day and even where you place the scale on the floor - come on we all know where the "good" spot is LOL I have tried to stay away from the scale - not easy to do! Oh those darn numbers!!!

Re: On Program Mon 4/16

I think i had enough O(ff) Program days, errr, years to cover the 72 pounds that i want to lose. Like Aimee, i lost and gained it all back. Took me years to decide, enough is enough. I knew i had to, We all know we have to.It is all a mind matter of wanting it,just like it starts in the mind when i see a piece of chocolate or a doughnut. My mind has been fed so many times, cause i dont think BEFORE i pop that thing in my mouth. The satisfaction lasted a few minutes, while the pounds gained lasted longer.

On the sunject of scales, I never had a scale in my home. This time when i re-joined WW i did buy one. Mainly because of my daughters doing the program with me( they are 13 & 14 so they are to young to join)When i first got the scale i went on it alot, waking up, before eating, after eating, before showering, after showering, ,before going to the bathroom and that was just the first 30 mins in the morning ....just kidding.
I don't to it that much anymore. But i know the scale reminds me to be accountable for my actions. I believe if you are OP and doing what You should do, they scales do lie. I can tell the way my body feels, we all can tell. Losing inches from exercises will not show on the scale.

On the scale is shows i lost 12 pounds,( as of 4-10)but mentally i feel like i lost 100 lbs.

I did for the first time, take my measurements when i first started. Tomorrow will be a month since i did that.

So good luck everyone, we all have bumps in the road, but may i say those curves looks alot better

Re: On Program Mon 4/16

Jeancat, thanks so very much for your kind words...and Tobe I am with you 100%, that's for sure. I have no expectations of perfection, but I do look forward to being successful at balancing eating for health with eating for pleasure, so that I can stay on track and motivated. And it was so good to read all of the posts on this thread...you guys are bringing back my spirit and determination. Maajida

Re: Re: On Program Mon 4/16

My pleasure Maajida!