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Flat Out Bread

I live in South Florida, can anyone tell me which stores carry the Flat Out Bread. I did look in Publix this weekend...but no luck.


Re: Flat Out Bread


I live just south of Tampa and I find it at Publix in the deli. It's usually on it's own little end display right next to the prepackaged potato salad/macaroni salad. It's not always in stock though. It's kinda hit or miss when I find it. You might want to ask the deli manager if they will order it for you.

Re: Flat Out Bread

I live in Ft. Lauderdale, pubix's usually carry them, in the deli section. Try a diffrent publix.

Re: Flat Out Bread

Thanks ladies! Jena, I am also in Ft Laud. looked at the Las Olas store...I guess I'll try 17th Street Causeway.

Re: Flat Out Bread

Still looking for this stuff!
WW pamphlet has a coupon in it for this.


Re: Flat Out Bread

Their web site lists stores that carry it. In New England BJ's is listed but I went there last night -- no luck. The BJs where I live is smaller than others though, so maybe they carry it in the larger stores. I don't get off the Island much, however.

PS: I made the Haystacks -- Awesome!