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McDonald's Salad YUK

I ran through the drive thru (which I hardly ever do) at McDonalds and ordered their asian salad with grilled chicken with the lf balsamic vinagrette. The salad is supposed to have 6 pts with out the dressing. I got it home and it was drenched in some type of sauce or dressing or whatever. Their web site says the salad (with grilled chicken) has 10 g of fat...which is probably from the sauce...although mine looked like it had 50g of fat by the amount of sauce - which made the salad wilted by the way - I was not going to eat a 500 point salad so I am going to bring it back and get my money back.
So much for trying to save myself some time LOL
Coulda just had a cheeseburger and fries - NOT!

Re: McDonald's Salad YUK

That is actually a glaze that comes with the chicken...they include it in their NI. Back when I ate meat I am pretty sure I liked it, but I agree it did make the lettuce wilted!

Re: McDonald's Salad YUK

About 10 years ago when I was in high school I got my first job working at Wendys. Being a teenager and making a whooping $4.50hr thats all I wanted. I didn't care too much about how the food was prepared or how much was put in it. Anyway what I'm getting to is that most young people work in fast food and are trained to measure out each ingredient but of course like when I was a teen I never did. When I was preping food I would just throw a handful of cheese, dressing etc... So from that experience I now always mark up at least 1pt when eating out because there will always be teens who work at fast food who don't really care about nutrition.