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any ideas?

on how to stay motivated?

I want to loose weight sooo bad, but I can't seem to stay on track. I will eat good for a couple of days and then WHAM!!! I stop. PLEASE HELP!! Not sure what to do, or how to stay on track, any ideas would be appreciated.

Re: any ideas?

I'm sorry your having trouble Amanda.

Heres what I do daily.

First thing in the morning I get my journel, which is out on my counter with a pen right there.
I then put my brain to work and figure out what my food is going to be for the day along with the points.

I try to do low points for breakfast and lunch and save the majority of them for dinner, and a snack after dinner when that urge to nibble hits me..

If my points are used, and I still want somthing else, thats what my 35 flex points are for, and I use them as needed,

Another trick is I go to bed early, so the urge is really put to rest.... or else its lots of water, just chugged down out of a bottle...

FOr me it has to start with my thinking, and it has to be positive, that I can do this, that I'm worth doing it for... this is for me and nobody else.

My son lives 100 miles north of me, and the last time I saw him which was a few weeks ago, he couldn't believe the weight I took off... that was a good feeling.
I have a married daughter that I don't talk to, and haven't seen in some time, a few mishaps along the line with us, but I've come to terms with that also, My son sent me a few pix of my 2 grandaughters and in the background was my daughter, well, i could have fallen over when I saw her, shes now about 350 lbs, and heres a girl that was vain and took care of herself always,
That shows me how unhappy she is, and how she turned to food for comfort, but in the meantime shes destroying herself,
Anyway, I hung that pix on the wall, and it reminds me never to get like that no matter what,

I don't hate myself today to self destruct...and believe me I have that self destruct built in button, but I don't have to use it today...

You can do this Amanda, just as the rest of us are these boards are doing.... if you need to come and post many times if your running into a wall...

Re: any ideas?

Are you loging "EVERYTHING" you put into your mouth? I know that helps me alot. Set small goals. Then when you get there reward yourself with something other than food. A pedicure, new shirt. Make a commitment to stay on track for just today. Get through the day, then start again the next day. It helps if you just focus on now. Instead of the long run. Focus on your goal, I bought a dress that was too small and It took me a long time to get into it, (It was 20 sizes to small) But as time went by and I focused day to day. The dress slowly started to fit. Till one day it was to big. It takes motivation and encouragement. Stay and read these boards and anyother that are positive. It helps to know there are other people who are in the same spot you are.

Re: any ideas?

Hey Amanda,

Is it possible you're being too strict when you are eating good? What I mean is, sometimes in our best efforts to lose, we get a little carried away. I think it makes sense to mainly eat the mid-to-high range of your points so you don't get too hungry. Unfortunately, frustrating as it is, hunger isn't a clean slate when a new day begins. If you go to bed hungry, you wake up hungrier!

My personal advice: Make your favorite healthy meal tonight and give yourself a decent-sized portion, then sit down and savor it. Hell, light a few candles and really indulge all your senses! After you're done, only eat again if you are actually hungry (ie stomach growling). I guarantee you'll wake up tomorrow less hungry and less frustrated with yourself.

You can do it. I know so because I've read many of your previous posts and admire your WW-style :)