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On Program Tues 4/17

Well this morning is my weigh in, will be interesting to see what my week has brought me, the last two days has been real lite foods, and tons of water, oopps mean gallons. so it seems.

This morning I'm off to drop my almost 6 mo old puppy, Jeni-Lin off at the vet to get spayed, the poor thing is looking for her morning treat, but she has to go in on an empty belly, ha, we all know that one, and how that feels, My belly is empty too, being I have the scale, well, maybe just 1 cup of caffeine to get me going...My other dog Maggie has no clue why she can't have her treats, but I have to be fair with them,can't give to Maggie and not to Jeni.

I have a busy running morning, and its early just 5:30 AM here in NJ and its still drizzleing out, I feel soggy, i just can't wait to get myself on the beach finally, this has been the worst spring I can remember in a very long time, usually I'm on the beach this time of year, so I just have to continue to "Fake and Bake" (tanning salon) they say tan makes you look thinner, wow the things we do!!!!

nuff from me, be back later to update the weekly thread of my weigh in....
Fingers crossed, that maybe I hit goal.....

I'm OP again 100%....

Re: On Program Tues 4/17

OP, one day at a time and today looks pretty good.

Re: On Program Tues 4/17

I'm OP today. We finally have a really nice day out (it's like 66 degrees). I hadn't been out of the house since Friday, so I decided to go out and hit some golf balls this afternoon. I'll probably be sore tomorrow, but it was just too nice of a day to sit at this computer all day.

Tobe, what kind of dogs do you have? A have a Schnoodle named Riley who weighs around 17 pounds. He'll be 2 years old on Sept. 21st. He loves his treats too. Sometimes I think he does stuff just so he can have a treat. LOL! He's a smart little thing, but he can be a handful at the same time. There's never a dull moment with him. LOL!

Re: On Program Tues 4/17

I love my dogs..
I have two
Maggie whose 12 1/2 my senior girl shes part retriever all black with two white paws.. about 60 lbs

The baby is Jeni-Lin shes now going on 6 mo old, shes part shephard and collie with a little golden thrown in. shes has a shepard mask and her coloring is honey, really a pretty dog. right now shes 25 lbs... she should max to about 50. shes the terror, but she got her wings clipped today, she was spayed and still out of it.... poor baby

I have 3 grandaughters and when I got this puppy i thought How can use the 3 girls names

so I came up with a JE for JEssie NI for NIcole
that came out to be Jeni

and the 3rd is Lindsey, so I went with LIN

so now shes a JENI-LIN

i thought that was a cool idea..
whata think???? cool huh??? huh????? LOL....

Re: On Program Tues 4/17

That's very cool! Yes indeedy! I love thinking up names all the time. I wanted something different for my dog (and of course I didn't want to use any names that could potentially be used for future kids if I had any) LOL! When I first saw his picture (he was 4 days old), I thought "he looks like a Bailey". But then I got to thinking... Bailey Bassham sounds kinda dumb. LOL! Somehow I came across the named Riley (I think there's a street not far from me named Riley, so maybe that's where I got it from). LOL! Anyway, I rolled it around my head for about a week, trying it out "here Riley" or "here Bailey" and decided to go with Riley instead. LOL! I think Bailey would be better for a calmer dog anyway. Calm is something is certainly isn't. LOL! If you want to see what he looks like, I have a slide show of him on my MySpace page. Here's the address: http://www.myspace.com/abassham
Hey, if you decide to head over there, listen to the song I have on my page. LOL! (warning, there are a few curse words in the song).

Re: On Program Tues 4/17

What a cute pup Aimee! I have to tell you, I listened to that song twice and can't stop giggling.

What a good pick me up.

It certainly should be this website's anthem! ROFL

Re: On Program Tues 4/17


How did Jeni-Lin's surgery go? Hope everything went well. My 12yr old poodle "Peaches" was spayed last spring, she had a cyst on her mammory gland (this was removed at the same time) and the vet said this would help it from returning. But even with her age she did very well, was sore for a little while.

I have been on program today, with the exception of my water, didn't get it all in; so I guess I can't REALLY say that I have been on program. I am really struggling with the water. Tomorrow starts a new week for me and that is my goal for the week, to get in all of my water.