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Introducing myself

Hi Ladies! I am Uki. I am 39 years old, a SAHM of 3 beeeuuutiful children ages 11, 8, and 4. I have been reading the posts for a week or so, and this just seems like the nicest group of people. All the suggestions are great and I look forward to all the new food finds!

I had been stuck on a plateau for literally 2 months and was so frustrated. I only get 18 points a day because I am close to goal. I added extra exercise - no help. I didn't eat my 35 WPA or AP's. Well, I started reading about folks how said to jump start your metabolism, you need to eat more. It scared me, because I thougt it would make me gain, but WOO HOO, I weighed in and I have lost 1 pound by eating more!! How can that be??? Does anyone have an explanation for why this worked? What I did was eat my AP's and some of my 35 points.

Okay, enough about me! I look forward to getting to know everyone here.

Re: Introducing myself

Welcome to the board! You're right, this is the nicest group of people.

As far as why eating more worked, your body was stuck in famine mode. If your body gets too few calories everyday, it thinks it is starving and slows down your metabolism. Toss in some more food and suddenly you're not starving anymore, and your body revs up!

Good deal ain't it? Good luck on getting to goal.

Re: Introducing myself

Hello uki,

Welcome and what an accomplishment, on the weight loss.

It's true the body needs feed to burn.

Re: Introducing myself

Welcome Uki! Glad to have you with us. :)

Re: Introducing myself

I'll fifth that and say Welcome to you also..

Yes you found a great group of men and women, who are fun but yet serious to stay on program.... and I have to add nice, not nasty as we see on other boards, thats the attraction here...

Yup fuel to get the body in gear, variety also is what we need, us food addicts can't get bored, or else we're in trouble....

Thats where our Aimee comes in with her great easy cooking receipes,,, thats what attracted me here,and here is where i wanna stay....

so again Welcome....

Re: Introducing myself

Welcome, Uki!

Congrats on taking our tips and putting them to excellent use. That is the beauty of this website that Aimee has done such an awesome job at creating. We all have a peaceful, friendly, encouraging place to go when we need it.

Something I never thought of doing was combining the AP into the rest of my points. I use the flex points but try not to use the activity points because I always thought what's the point in working out so hard at the gym everyday if I am just going to turn around and eat those points. I am so close to goal now that I just want to get there so that I can start to maintain but I just feel like 21 pts a day is not enough food for me 'cause some days I stay hungry. I think it is because I earn 6-8 activity pts about 5-6 days a week and I don't use them. It is nice to know that you used your AP and your flexies and lost the weight. I think I will try that next week and see what happens. I am not at a platuea for say but it is extremely slow going. I have only 8 lbs to go to get to goal but somedays I think it is going to take me as long to lose the 8 as it has to lose the 76!
Anyway, welcome again! And thanks for posting what has worked for you!

Re: Introducing myself

Hi Uki, nice to have you among us...Like everyone has said, EVERYONE is very nice here, and we can't say that about some of the boards...Keep up the good work, you are doing great...Keep posting and letting us know what is going on with you...

Patty (aimee's mom)

Re: Introducing myself

Hi Uki, even though I'm fairly new here, I too give you a hearty welcome to our little group. O.K. Confession time. This is how totally out of the acronym loop I am (and in my defense, it was late last night when I first read your post) I was actually thinking "SAHM" stood for single Asian homosexual male. And I was thinking- how cool is that!- we're getting so cosmopolitan! It just hit me this morning that you're a Stay at Home Mom! Wait till I tell my kids what a dork I am. (On second thought, who am I kidding- they already know.) LOL. Mine are 28 and 25.

Re: Introducing myself

LOL @ LouAnne! Man, that is just tooooo funny!!!! Thanks for the laugh! I actually have tears running down my face from laughing so hard!!! Sorry, I'm not making fun of you, it's just so funny!!!

Re: Introducing myself

Aimee, I'm glad you're having a good laugh. Laughing is sooooo good for us and burns calories too!

Re: Introducing myself

I shouldn't be posting this, wanna know what i thought SHAM stood for

Single Hebrew American Male.....

hows that one for a laugh... I've been around in the computer land on many chat rooms and boards, but never heard SHAM... LOL..

Re: Introducing myself

Dear Ukisuki,

Glad to hear the site has helped you!
Please let us know if/when you hit goal! We'll have an internet party! Yeah!

Glad to meet you. I have been a member of this site for about 6 weeks now. Aimee allowed me to have my own thread. JeanCats Finds .

I usually place the thread about once a week. I have been away from the thread because I have been busy with my mom, she had a heart attack April 2.

Any way I am trying to get back into the swing of things. Your introduction is helping! I feel old hat to the message board, in a good way. You will give us all hope and inspiration. Keep up with your posts!