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Help me figure this one out

Ok, so yesterday I experienced a gain of 5 pounds. I knew I had been doing everything I needed to do, and I couldn't really figure it out. So I upped my amount of water for the day, drank green tea, threw in 15 extra minutes of exercise, and made sure to look over my eating journals for the past few days.

I expected the scale to right itself this morning, but instead I gained several more pounds.

It's not my time of the month or anything like that, and I just can't figure out what the heck is going on. I had lost over 30 pounds and now I'm getting down in to the low 20's (where I was over a month ago). I took my measurements and they too have increased from last time.

I'm quickly losing motivation. In the past I've always tried to ask myself how much I would have gained had I not been on a diet, but it's not working this time because I've never gained this much so quickly while not on a diet.

How in the heck am I supposed to push on under conditions like this?

Re: Help me figure this one out

Hmmm, I'm not sure. How do you do on water and such usually? I'm just going to throw some ideas out, not sure if they all apply to you or if they'll help, but this is what comes to mind...

Maybe your tissue is just holding onto the extra water for safe keeping? Also, if you're exercising more, you're going to need that extra water anyway. How much are you exercising each day? Are you sure you're eating enough points/calories? Any chance you're pregnant (hey, had to ask. LOL). Ummm, are you eating any flex points or exercise points? (can't remember if you're following WW or not, sorry). Have you double checked to make sure your points/calorie allowance hasn't gone down and you just didn't realize it so you're eating too many points/calories?

Ok, that's all I can think of. Maybe someone else can come up with a few ideas. All I know is.... no matter how frustrating it is, just don't give up. It will work itself out once you figure out what's going on.

Re: Help me figure this one out

Thanks Aimee

I actually do quite well with the water. I average around 10 glasses a day. Yesterday I ended up with a tally of about 14 (of course I did strength training yesterday and I always go for extra water before, during and after that).

As far as exercise it's around 30-45 minutes a day with about 20 minutes (I think, could be longer I don't so much keep track of time for that)every other day thrown in for strength.

I don't do WW's, but I am following SparkPeople's calorie guide, and the recommendations of my doctor. I lowered my max calories by about 100 per day after I hit 30lbs. Again, with no points system to go on, it's hard for me to say if I'm throwing in enough extras. However, I do sneak in an extra nibble a couple times a week, and a cheater meal every couple of weeks. (It's been 2 weeks since my last cheat meal). I'm a bit afraid to throw in a cheat meal when I'm this weak minded lol, but it may come to that.

It's really highly doubtful that I'm pregnant.

Re: Help me figure this one out

Too much water isn't good either, its recommended that we drink 6 to 8 glasses a day..

You just might be building muscle which weighs more than fat...

Weigh yourself a day after you've exercised.

I exercise only 3 times a week, and the other 4 days it gives my muscles a chance to go down...

I have a good friend on WW thats going through the same thing your going through, but don't give up, it will eventually come off..

cut back on your water to 6 glasses a day. I myself drink about 3 bottles of 20oz and maybe a 30oz jug of green tea... bt for me that amount of fluid is working....

again amanda don't give up I know your frustration, as I was there myself...
if you want, email me and I can maybe guide you with points to do the WW program...

Re: Help me figure this one out

Tough break but it sounds like you're staying strong. Just say to yourself: "I'm doing everything right but still gaining weight so because of that I'm just going to ________!!" then just take a step back and ponder just what are you going to do anyways? Chain-eat deepfried twinkies till the sun goes down? Quit going to the gym and make sure to do as little unnecessary activity as humanly possible?? Clearly this isn't the case :)

I know my point's a little silly, but it's just sometimes good to take a step back and look at the big picture. This weird little blip will pass because you're doing everything that's right for your body. I'm confident it will be a dim memory by this time next week.

Besides, wasn't it you who just fit into a whole bunch of stuff that you had bought a size smaller? Concentrate on the NSV (non scale victory) until this passes.

Re: Help me figure this one out

one more quick thing:
Are you taking any new medicine. Even more advil than usual for muscle aches can cause you to retain some serious water!

Re: Help me figure this one out


I feel for you, but don't give up! This is what I suggest to my weight watcher buddies that hit a wall with their weight loss.

1. Be sure you know what a serving size is and then weigh and measure your food.

2. Fluctuate your points (for you, your calories) from day to day. In other words, don't eat the same amount of calories everyday.

3. What kind of foods are you eating? I am not familiar with the program that you are using so I am not sure what kind of foods it suggests. What I would suggest in this area though is to make sure you are eating plenty of fresh fruits and lots of veggies as well as complex carbs (whole grain items) and lean proteins.

You already stated you are drinking your water so keep up with that. Stay away from sugary drinks, including fruit juices. They are loaded in empty calories. It is better for you to get the whole fruit than just the juice.

I hope this helps!

Re: Help me figure this one out

In addition to all that has been said, try cutting out the salt shaker for a few days and see if this helps... also try no sodas, no canned soups or veggies, no salty snacks. The high sodium may be causing you to retain water.

Jean Cat

Re: Help me figure this one out

Thanks for so much support and so many great ideas. I'm sorry for the delay in posting, it's finals season!

Since this is my second time typing this out (lost the first one duh) I'll try to keep it short.

Is too much water actually a bad thing? I generally drink it more for thirst quenching purposes. If you could have seen how much soda I drank before I gave it up! I guess I don't monitor how much is going in since it doesn't have extra calories and sodium. So once I get to 8 (about 3pm) I quit counting.

I'd be glad for the non-scale victories, but alas my new pants are ultra snug.

No new meds, first thing I thought of too.

I generally do get most of my fruits and veggies in (some days are better than others), but mostly I eat similar to WW's folks. I just balance fats/carbs/proteins.

Yeah that sodium is a bugger. I watch it on Spark People and I know that sometimes it creeps up a bit high.

I'm down a pound today, but I'm still at the weight I was almost a month ago. It's purty darn rough.

Re: Help me figure this one out

Dear Amanda,
YES too much water isnot a good thing! Unless you are super dehydrated!
Why? Because water will flush out your electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals and metals that help give 'charge' to your nerves, muscles etc. They are needed for some chemical reactions in your body and to help with aiding in catalytic reactions as well.
An example would be KCl or potassium Chloride
Too much = heart racing and contracting too much = heart attack = death
Too little = heart slowing down eventually stopping = death
As too much water flushes out the electrolytes the body can not function and death may ensue, if no the patient is not treated first. If the patient is treated death can be prevented with hydration and electrolytes added via intravenous administration how ever perm damage to heart muscle usually develops along with muscle problems and possibly other organ damage. It is possiblefor a slow flushing to occur with too much water on a daily basis, where upon death is not emminent, but organ damage and failure is a definite slow progression. Kidneys are particularly vulnerable.

Hope this helps.
Doctors and science no longer recommend 8 x 8 oz cups of water! They now say 8 x 8 ounce cups of FLUID of which half should come from water. Therefore consider soups, juices, watery veggies, crystal light etc
8 x 8 ounce cups = 64 ounces = 2 liters.
Again hope this helps, I teach pharmacology to nurses and to pharm techs, so this is an area that I can speak of.


Jean Cat
I have the opposite problem I never drink! I have to find sneaky ways to get my water in, esp since I don't do veggies well either! a daily struggle.