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How do you get your water in??

Hello everyone!

I thought I'd put this question out there because there are so many people struggling with getting their water in. I thought maybe we could help them out. So, how do you get your water in?

I get mine in by carrying a 24 oz sport bottle around with me everywhere. I really do drink it without even thinking about it and before I know it the bottle is empty, bam 3 waters down! I just keep refilling it each time it gets empty.


Re: How do you get your water in??

I do the same thing, but I carry a 36 oz water. I drink from it al day long. Refil it several times a day. I relaized it is so much easier than drinking from a glass.

Re: How do you get your water in??

I always drink 16 ounces with each meal, then I drink several glasses of crystal light while I'm sitting here at the computer throughout the day and I usually have more water every time I walk past the water cooler. :)

Re: How do you get your water in??

I also carry bottles around with me, in the car, in my bag, some hanging around the house,
I try to make a concious effort to finish them, all of them...

Some days I feel like I'm floating.
Right now its almost 7am and I have a bottle of green tea just about downed. I'll do a couple of them,and then hit the 20oz bottles of water...

I know the water and the green tea works, it sure helped me get to goal, when I made the effort to drink the amounts required and a little more.

Re: Re: How do you get your water in??

I do not do well with water. I always have to pee and this is not possible during teaching.
So I usually drink in am and at night. But still never enough and usually herbal teas and decaf coffees. I hate water. I know I have to but I hate it.
I try to start my day with Grapefruit juice or tomato juice and go from there.


Re: How do you get your water in??

<---- hates water

But I drink it. I am now up 2 or 3 times each night to use the bathroom. I lay awake for over an hour trying to get back to sleep. I think from now on I'll just get up and get it over with. On the other hand, I heard that we lose weight through our breath and urine so I figure I'm losing as long as I'm peeing.!!!

Re: How do you get your water in??

I know that up and down all night also.

I try to stop all fluids by 7pm and then its not too bad, 2 days before the scale I do drink right until I go to bed, it does work, the scales shows a nice drop with the water,

I remember many years ago when WW didn't require you to drink water, they were just doing a study on it, so what they did, was to divide the room in half, one side didn't need to do water, the other side did for a week.

The following week WI the side that drank the water had the loss, the side that didn't, had not nearly the loss as the water side.
They did that through out the US in WW, and thats when they incorporated the water in WW that we drink today. 6 to 8 glasses or more if you desire it.

I've always been a water drinker, so for me its no problem..