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On Program Wed 4/18 check in

Yesterday I was on 100%

Today it will be 200%....

Tomorrow I have a date (haha)with a friend of mine to do our bi-weekly trip 45 miles away to have lunch at Pannera, and then hit Trader Joes for some good shopping.

I love their Green Tea, the last time I was there I bought 2 gallons, and its gone, this time I'm stocking up and getting 6... think I have an addiction of MORE... I do!!!! LOL....

I'm going to look for the choc yogart Aimee talks about...
and walk the isles slowly with my point finder and see what new items I can come up with....

I'll keep you posted with some new finds..

Re: On Program Wed 4/18 check in

I'm in 100%. Weight in day today - actually look forward to my meeting - not necessarily stepping on the scale though LOL.

Hope you have fun on your shopping trip.

Re: On Program Wed 4/18 check in

I'm with ya 100% today too. I have my weigh in this morning. I think my lack of sleep last night is going to do me in. According to my scale, I weigh more this morning than I did yesterday morning and I did really well yesterday. I haven't eaten anything since around 7:00 last night except for some 50 calorie hot chocolate around midnight because I was hungry. We'll just have to see what the official weigh in says.