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PB2 on its way

after reading all the buzz about PB2 I broke down and ordered some on Monday. It was shipped out yesterday and am told it should be here by tomorrow.

Cant wait to try it. I got this recipe from the WW board that looks good:


1/3 cup PB2 (7 tbsp miked with water)
1 container ff cool whip
4 tbsp lite chocolate syrup

Mix PB2 and cool whip. Pour into lined muffin cups. Drizzle with lite chocolate syrup. Freeze. Makes 12 at 1 point each.

I hope they are as good as they sound - watch out Reeses! Has anyone tried these?

Re: PB2 on its way

that sounds so gooood Marilyn,,

Make them when you get your PB2 and let us know how it is, maybe I'll order it myself..

I'm not a big PB fan, but I guess I could get to love it....

anything to satisfy the sweet tooth..

The haysticks I love, but I can't keep them in the freezer my 1 turns to 2, dangerous for me!!!! a trigger....

Re: PB2 on its way

Like Tobe said, my one turns into two, turns into three, well you the rest. I rarley make any of the desserts unless its only a few servings because I will eat it all. Pizza and sweets are my two worst enemies! But the pb cups sounds REALLY GOOD! Let us know how they turn out. Usually if I do make something, I'll try to do it on a Sunday that way I can take whats left to work, if anything made it that long.

Re: Re: PB2 on its way

Yep me too!
Can't wait to hear how you like the PB2 cups!
Jean Cat
AS it is I love my PB2 in cool whip on top of choc pudding!


Re: PB2 on its way

I'll have to add Lite Choc. syrup to my grocery list. I think it was the sugar free or maybe fat free I tried and did not like it.

My PB2 came today. 20 days to the west coast by UPS ground. I tried some on graham crackers and it is very very good. I can't wait to buy some more choc. rice cakes to put it on.

Tonight I'll try PB2 mixed in with vanilla pudding mix.

The consistency is not thick like P B but more like mustard. (that is the first thing I can think of)