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I'm Joyce and would like to join your group. I am doing WW from home now and need all the support I can get.

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Hi Joyce! Welcome! Glad to have you with us. Feel free to post anytime. :)

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Yahooooo Welcome Joyce

you found a great wonderful terrific supportive site, here you will lost weight,

check in daily, pull up a chair and post....

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I am new also. I have been following WW at home for the past year and half. I have met my goal but still am following the plan to maintain. I find myself spending more time on Aimee's website than the WW boards. I find the people are much more supportive and friendlier here. I am from a great little town, Seymour WI.

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Hi Lori,
Welcome to you too. :) Everyone here is very friendly, so feel free to post or ask questions anytime. A few of us come and check the message board several times a day. :)

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I ditto Aimee Welcome...

Yes we kind of got addicted to this site, but its a good addiction, we get new ideas every time we log in.

I'm off to TJ's today to do some stocking up. I'm going to try those cheese blintsers, any thing new is good...
I'll scan the store carefully with my point finder in hand, and come back and report some new finds.

Welcome to Lori and Joyce!

Just a quick note to say WELCOME and it is good to meet you. You have found the support and kindness that you need! We are all in this together.

I am always intersted in how you found this site.
surfing? another site? (if sohow did you get to that site?) friend? WW meeting? WW message board?

Please continue to network and share your experiences, recipes,daily living etc with us.

Welcome again!

Re: Newbie

A BIG welcome to you Joyce and Lori..nice to have you aboard...Jump right in whenever you feel like it, someone is always here...I made lifetime about 4 years ago, but have added a few pounds to be closer to my goal than I would like..Trying to get it back off which we all know isn't easy..I work at a Sam's club and demo food so that isn't easy either...Keep posting and let us know how you are doing...We can all do it...


Re: Newbie

Thanks for the welcome! To answer your question JeanCat as to how I got here, I don't really remember. I think a friend sent me the link awhile back.

Re: Re: Newbie

Just curious! It is my # 1 question to newbies!
Welcome again!