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Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

Hello everyone! I was so excited about what I found at TJ's today that I had to rush onto this crazy computer and let you all know about them. You might already be familiar with them but for me they are new. The are "cheese" filled crepes that are absolutely delish! They were giving these out as samples today with a little of their organic reduced sugar strawberry preserves and they were sooo yummy, even w/o the preserves. The best part is that they are only 3 pts each. Now if you like cheesecake, you will LOVE these things. I can't even tell that they aren't made with real cream cheese. These are Dairy, Cholesterol, Lactose, and Butterfat free, 140 calories, 5 grams of fat and 2 grams of fiber! YUM!

Now, I also found some other things but I haven't tried them just yet so I'll have to post on here again after eating these things to let you know how they were.

I will say this though do not waste your time or money on their apple cranberry bran muffins. I love whole grain things but these are just NASTY! Yuck! I also bought the blueberry bran muffins but I haven't tried them yet. I know I am taking the apple cranberry ones back though.

Anyway, just wanted to share my finds with you all today!
BTW, I weighed in today and lost 1.6 lbs so I now have less than 7 lbs to go to get to goal!!
Hope you all are having a great day!

Re: Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

TEll me more Tammy

I'm heading to Trader Joes tomorrow for a shopping spree, main item is their Diet Green Tea..

I have the crepes written down,, thanks...

Re: Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

Congrats on the great loss this week Tammy! The cheese things you're talking about, are those the cheese blintzes (I think that's what I saw last time I was there), or something else. I haven't tried them, but almost bought some if that's what they are. How big are they? Are they worth the points? Do they come frozen? oooh tell us more, I might have to stop by Trader Joe's soon. LOL!

Re: Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

Yes, these are the cheese blintzes, only they are not actually made with real cream cheese but I would have never ever guessed that. Anyway, if I had to guess I would say that they are probably a little smaller than the Vann's egg rolls in size--a complete guess. I haven't actually opened this pack up yet and they were cutting the pieces that they were giving for samples. From what I could tell I think they were cutting each one in threes and each piece then ended up being about an inch or so in length. When I open the ones that I bought I'll try to measure them and give you all a better idea.
They come frozen and you can warm them in the microwave if you want them warm or simply let them thaw and eat them chilled. Either way would be good. They were room temp when we at them today. My 2 year old pigged out! He would finish eating one and then say "more"! I think he probably ate 2 complete blintzes by the time he was done! LOL Thankfully they were cutting them and then leaving them unattended otherwise they probably would have been giving me weird looks! I guess it was worth it for them though 'cause I ended up buying 2 boxes of the blintzes and a jar of the organic low sugar strawberry preserves, not to mention everything else I bought today!
Definitely add these to your TJ's grocery list.

Re: Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

LOL! That's funny about your 2 year old. :) I'll buy some and try them the next time I get over there. Just curious, which TJ's do you go to?

Re: Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

OK, so my baby and I couldn't resist these things today! We each had one this morning as part of our breakfast! LOL
So I can safely tell you that they are indeed about 3 inches long and close to the same diameter as the Vann's egg rolls, just by looking at them anyway.
I go to the only TJ that I know of in the area which is on Stroop RD in what I think is considered Kettering. How about you? I think we probably go to the same one because if I remember correctly you are in the Dayton area too. Anyway, when you go again please let us know what you find and the points values too.
I just love having this informative website for all of us to share!
Thanks again, Aimee!


Re: Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

Yep, I go to the one on Stroop in Kettering (I live in Franklin on the edge of Springboro). It's funny, I wonder if we've ever both been at Trader Joe's at the same time and didn't even know it. LOL!

Re: Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

Tammy, what part of Dayton do you live? I live north of dayton...

Re: Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

How funny, Aimee! I never even thought of that. Maybe someday we'll have to plan to meet!

Patty, I live in Xenia, which is southeast of Dayton.

Well, off to my son's recital at school. He plays the oboe!

Re: Trader Jo's finds today!!!!!

Dear Tammy (OH)

I can appreciate your dislike of the TJ Fiber Cakes.

I happen to LOVE them, they are filling. When I needed something that was WHOLE grain, still sweet and still cake-like; they were life savers for me two years ago. When I should have had a stroke, the left leg that was 3 times larger than the other one, it actually went back to normal faster than other patients, after eating them and other high fiber foods. Doctor's said eating high fiber immediately may have saved my life.

I 'learned' to like them with tea and then loved them. I think vegetarians like them better than non - vegetarians. But I do know of others who like them. I would say to a new purchaser: buy them and know that you will either like the Fiber Cake for 1 point or you will not. It is worth a try (opnly 1 point each) if you like them. I use them as breakfast.

The 'other' regular TJ Blueberry and Cranberry MUFFINS will cost you 2-3 points for only ONE HALF of a muffin due to all the fat.

When I want a regular muffin I like the WW STrawberry, blueberry adn Chocolate Muffins for only 3 pts.

I do plan to try the Vitatops.


PS too bad I don't live near you, I would buy the fiber cakes from you so you won't have to go back:)