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On Program Thurs 4/19

I'm off to TJ's this morning with a non WW'er, but I'll have my point finder well in hand, scanning the isles....
Main purpose is Green Tea, and just for that I have to
travel 45 miles, I wish they would one put in this area, but it being a beach resort and everything in the winter shuts down, I guess they feel it wouldn't be worth it...

THis weekends weather looks good, possibly a beach day on Sunday, if so, I am so there. My 2 pc bathing suit came yesterday, and I haven't tried it on yet, I'll do that this morning... I bought a size 12, so we shall see.... All my others suits are 14 and probably too big, thats all I live in here in the spring and summer, anything is a go here, as far as dress goes, its a vacation spot for thousands from all over....

I'm on program today 100%...

whose with me??????????????

Re: On Program Thurs 4/19

On board 100%. Thanks for getting us started each morning - sets my day up for success!

I am jealous of your trip to Trader Joes - I miss having one nearby - used to go to the one in Westfield, NJ but there are none even close to me now in Tennessee. Bummer. Which one are you traveling to? We always head down to Florida during summer break and I have already planned a stop in Atlanta to visit TJ and Whole Foods to stock up on pantry items - LOL!

I used to like to buy the banana crisps (NOT chips those are high in fat - they have both) found near the dried fruit. They always were sold out of them, but the points value was really good and they were really tasty, crunch type of snack. You might take a look and double check the points.

Their frozen items are good and some are surprisingly low in points. They have a good tomato sauce - creamy type - want to say vodka sauce that was also points friendly.

Have a great time...let us know what you find.

Re: On Program Thurs 4/19

I'm down in the southern part of the state, I was orginally from North Jersey Bergen County but I had such an attracted and love for the beach, it was time for me to leave the old and start with the new, once both my kids were done with school and off out and married.

I know Westfield well....
I'm heading into Marlton today which is 45 miles inland off the water, its also near Medford if you remember this part of Jersey.

Yes I'll be back with new products if I find some real good ones....

I'm going to have a great day, even with no sun out.

Re: On Program Thurs 4/19

You are SO lucky to live by the Jersey Shore - it is amazing! We used to go to Belmar and Spring Lake all the time...I really miss it. Is there a board walk near where you live - walking on the beach or on the boardwalk is awesome.

I am not that familiar with South Jersey - but do remember Marlton because I used to listen to that talk radio station in NJ - with the Jersey Boys - and the guy (cant remember his name) that did the show with Judy was from Marlton and used to talk about it alot. They were very funny.

I was living in Basking Ridge which is in Somerset county. Moved to Tenn over the summer for my husbands job. Hope to get back to the East Coast some time soon - still have family in Brooklyn! At least the weather is warm here - 80's today.

Re: On Program Thurs 4/19

No Boardwalk here, I'm on Long Beach Island just miles of beach and ocean on one side and the bay on the other, so we have a choice of rough surf or calm bay water, I prefer the ocean...

I used to hit Belmar all the time when I lived in North Jersey,and every morning I walked the boardwalk right to the pillars of Spring Lake, and yes I know Somerset very well, my son lives in Somerville and my daughter is in Leabanon Twp which is Hunterdon County...

At least you have 80 degreee temps we've had no spring as yet, April has been terrible. but the next 3 days just might be a day to get some rays in on the beach....

I can't wait....

Re: On Program Thurs 4/19

Oh LBI - I am soooooooooo jealous!