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Re: introduction

Hi. I have been a ~~~lurker~~~~ here on an off for quite some time now. I would really love to join your group and get some much needed support.

I never had a weight problem until I quit smoking about 8 years ago. I did lose 30 pounds doing WW a couple of years ago, and now I need to lose 40+10 more to get to my goal. ( I am 5'9" and weigh 192) I would like to get down to the 130's if I can. For the past year, I have been doing ww, with no success. My problem is grazing in the kitchen..... I will eat a couple of pretzels and think to myself, it's just a couple, you don't need to count those 2 pretzels. Then, I will have a cracker and do the same thing and before I know it....I ruined my week.

Last week, I decided to have my husband weigh me in...hoping that being accountable to someone would help. Well, I weighed 195 and then this morning, I was 192..... Yeah....I am hoping this will work for me....not to mention my pure embarrasment of him knowing how much I really weigh.... LOL.... thank goodness he loves me....

Well, thanks for reading my babble....

Re: introduction

First let me say welcome to you, and what you shared isn't babble..
We were there and some are still are, but with this group, the success rate has been fantastic...

STick around, come in each day, and pledge yourself to stay ON PROGRAM just for this day.
If you run into a snag, come on back and post again.
Alot of us come here several times during the day, and we can then share our own experiences and hope with you..
Thats the way it works, I know after 30 yrs of being A WW on and off, I can't do this alone anymore..

I need people who are just like me....

If you've been lurking you can see how much I struggled to get some lbs off, but I didn't give up, I kept doing the right thing day by day, and finally I hit goal on Tuesday..

Again WElcome SAm

Re: introduction

Certainly not babble and a big welcome to you!

I understand the ups and downs of weight with quitting smoking. I'm currently struggling with quitting myself.

I'm a big time grazer myself. Hmmm I'll just have two chips, how about a thin slice of ham, just a nibble of a cookie, just a bite out of the pint of ice cream. I end up not having a full serving of anything, so when the scale would go up, I'd be confused.

So now I break up things in to individual servings as soon as I get them home. If I nibble out of something, well then it will mess up my whole system! lol It makes me more conscious of the decision to snack or not snack. Sometimes I still appease that urge by hanging on to a full bag of treats and nibbling out of it the whole day, but I count the entire thing in to my calories.

Re: introduction

Oh I'm so glad to hear of others who are struggling due to quitting smoking. Not that I'm glad your struggling, but it's nice to know I'm not alone...I didn't want to post because if someone has never been a smoker, they don't understand, and I didn't want to be a whiner!

I am on day 16 being smoke-free, which is an amazing thing - I can't believe that I've been able to stick with it this time - I have smoked for 25 years!

I hit goal back in February and even lost an extra 3 lbs and been successful in maintenance, however in the last 16 days I have gained 4 lbs. I realize that that puts me only 1 lb over goal - however I'm freaking out!

All I want to do is munch, I try to be aware of what I'm munching....carrots, celery, small apple, SF Gum and SF Hard Candies...you know trying to keep to 1 pt snacks. Then at meal times I'm struggling to keep to my portions.

I guess weight gain is to be expected, your sense of smell and taste return, your bored, whatever.

Anyway thanks for listening!

Re: introduction

Let me welcome you also, Sam....Nice to have you join us..Stick with us and we all KNOW we can do it with the FANTASTIC support we get from each other..Something that our leader said yesterday in our meeting has helped me..She said to not eat ANYTHING (not even a bite) unless you sit down at the dinner table...You know, didn't realized how much I did nibble a bite at a time. Try it and see how it works for you...We all will waiting to see how you are doing. Need any help, just ask...


Re: introduction

Welcome Sam!

I am new to this board too. I lurked for awhile and then decided this group was too good to pass up and I wanted to be a part of it. :)

Anyway, I am not a smoker, but I definitely am a nibbler. The problem for me is that once I start nibbling, I keep thinking about what else would be good and the next thing you know I have nibbled 7 different things and wasted 20 points. I am also bad about eating my children's leftovers. So, here's what has helped me. Keep in mind I still slip up a lot. I plan out my snacks in advance and use a lot of pre-portioned packages. i know it is more expensive to do this, but I would rather pay a little more to be able to stay OP, then to save some money and eat the entire package. For example, I LOVE ice cream, but I CANNOT eat just 1/2 cup. If there is an open box in the freezer I will nibble away at it until it is gone. So I buy those Breyer's 100 calorie cups, the WW 2 point ice cream cups, or the skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. Then I know I can eat the whole thing. Does that make sense? I know that 1/2 cup of dished up ice cream is the exact same as the 100 calorie Breyer's cup, but because it is portion controlled for me already, I don't go back for more.

I hope that helps! Post often. I love to read whate everyone has written.


Re: introduction

Welcome Sam - glad to have you join us. We all help each other here, so we welcome what you have to add. I am the same way with trigger foods - I cannot buy ice cream in a big carton either - much safer to have it portioned out and have my one cup and be done.

I also have done well with planning/writing down every last thing I eat. I weigh and measure everything and if it is not point friendly it does not make it into my house.

It seems as if you are having a hard time with the snacks, not so much your meals, so why don't you plan a few snacks through out the day and when they are done they are done? I find that when I do this I am satisfied with the portion of snacks and don't look to nibble. I also try to include some type of protein with my snack when possible (ie: a laughing cow cheese with some pretzels, a 1 pt string cheese and an apple, a lite yogurt smoothie and a fiber-1 bar) which tends to keep me fuller longer.

Anyhow, glad you are here and I hope we can be helpful.
BTW I think you are brave to let your husband weigh you - I made mine leave the room when I was in labor with my 1st son when the doctor needed to know how much I weighed for my eppidural dosage LOL.

Re: Re: introduction

Welcome Sam!

I never really lurked! I read a few posts, knew I was 'home' and just jumped in the same day!

If what you wrote is babble, then we do a whole heck of a lot of it! :) Hee! But that is what this site is all about: US!

I am so glad you found the site. I am always curious how did you find the site? another site? surfing? WW board message? friend? WW meeting?

Looking forward to more of your babble!:)