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Vitatops - DELISH!

I hit the jackpot today - my vitatop order was delivered and also my PB2.

I am trying one of the vitatops now with my afternoon cup of coffee and it is DELISH! Well worth the expense of ordering online and well worth the mere 1 pt. value.

I am having the multi bran one (I happen to really like bran muffins) now and I also ordered the deep chocolate and chocolate with peanut butter chips on top that I will try next.

Haven't messed with the PB2 yet but that's next on my list...I'm thinking PB&J for dinner LOL - my kids will love me!

Re: Vitatops - DELISH!

So Marilyn,

How did you like your PB2?

I love it!

my instructor brought in Vitatop muffin top for all of us to see. I noticed 6 grams of fiber! Wow!

Haven't ordered yet. But I will some day.

Thanks for sharing!