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Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's

Ok I found 3 products I never used before..

1 Soy Nuggets Seasoned soy nuggets breaded wit stone ground whole wheat flour.
Serving size 3oz 4 nuggets 2 pts
fiber 2 gr
total fat 1.5g
calories 120

2 Burger Nouveau (Meatless Patties

Serviing size 1 patty 3.5 oz 2 pts
fiber 6g
fat 2.5g
calories 140

3 chili lime chicken burgers
serving 1 patty 4oz 2pt

Fiber 1g
Total fat 3g
calories 110

I haven't tried these as yet, but they look good on the pkg,

I also stocked up on 6 gallons of unsweetened green Tea with a hint of mint....

ANd one stop I couldn't resist was DSW
I bought a rockin pair of coach sneakers and another pr of sandles,that now puts me to probably 250 pr of shoes.. haha..... think i have an addiction??? yup.!

Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's

My name is Amanda, I too have a shoe addiction...

hehe, you deserve a good reward after all of your hard work

Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's


Please do post and let us know how you like each product that you found at TJ's today.

Wow! I guess you do have a shoe addiction! I never used to like shopping for clothes or shoes. Now that I am almost to goal it's like shopping has become a hobby for me! I love to try on new clothes and shoes and I love to bring them home even more! LOL! Shhh! don't tell anyone! hehehe!

Congrats again on making goal, and I say you deserve all 250 pair of those shoes baby!


Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's

LOL! Wow, I can't say I have that many shoes. I have maybe 6-7 pairs, mostly sneakers, a pair of hiking boots that I won from New Balance at a 10k I did a few years ago (like I'm really using those right now) and a pair of Eastlands. I don't dress up, so I really don't have a need for dress shoes (can't wear heels anyway). You deserve some shoes anyway for hitting goal. At least it's a non-food way to reward yourself. :)

I use to live on those soy nuggets (if they're the ones that come in a yellow box, or at least they use to). I haven't had them for a couple of years. They're a little different (not quite like real chicken nuggets), but I thought they were good especially for the points. LOL!

Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's

yes Aimee there in a yellow box..

I thought I would do some kind of a mexican thing with them such as using salsa and making some sort of brown rice mixture using a taco seasoning thingy, with vegggies...

i have to give this idea of mine some thought...

so i can have 8 of them for 4 pts, and 1/2 cup rice, not a bad 6 point meal...

I should be on maintenance at this point, but I still want to take off another 4 lbs, so I'm sticking to flex for the next mo or so...

i had a great lunch yesterday at Pannera Bread, i did have breakfast before I went out, and after Pannera I didn't eat anything for the rest of the day.
I used all my points for lunch, and didn't want to go into any WFP... so i went to bed early, and as you can see I'm up at the crack of dawn, got up at 4am to be exact. I even woke my dogs up haha...

Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's

Make sure you bake those nuggets. I microwaved them once and thought they were nasty. LOL!!!! I always liked to make oven baked fries with mine. Not quite like having McDonald's or Wendy's, but close enough. :)

Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's


I should print this thread for my husband to read and maybe he will leave me alone about all of my shoes. I have a lot, but no where near you. You go girl. Like everyone has said you really deserve them all.

I wish that I had a TJ's here. I hear you all talk about it and makes me wish I could go too.

Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's

oh my, me too re the shoe addiction (and boots too). Thanks for the TJ info.....I am in the middle of a huge house remodeling...right now no kitchen, except for frig, microwave and toaster oven...no oven or stove top for several months. Fresh fruits and veggies no problem, but tough to get cooked protein that is not highly processed and filled with sodium. TJ's has a great product called "Just Chicken"...it's just cooked white meat chicken in chuncks...plain, or ceasar flavored or teriyaki flavored...just seasonings, no breading. It's been a real life saver re helping me to stay on track. Hope everyone is having a good weekend, Maajida

Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's


I love TJ's Cooked Fresh Just Chicken!
I found it about a year ago!
Great for work lunches too!

I have made chicken salad Sandwiches with FF may and onion and celery.

I have added it to WW garden soup PER Serving. The soup stays fresher longer in the frige if it is just veggies.

Great on baked potatos with FF cheese, FF sour Cream.

Great as a BBQ chicken sandwich with YOUR bottled BBQ sauce.

A life saver, and I had forgotten about them. I had used them as above for about 6 months, then went off program. I will have to get them again!

Thanks for the reminder!

Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's

What section is the "just chicken" in at TJ's? I haven't seen it before, but it sounds interesting. :)

Re: Re: Some new maybe old finds today at TJ's

I found it next to the salads on the bottom row. To the right of the salads, by the other prepackaged cold cuts of meats, before the cheese near where the pizza dough is.
Is this enough direction? Hee!

Love ya
in California! may be different in other states.