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Great Salad - low points

Okay I just finished a salad for dinner and it was REALLY good - so I had to share.

I made a salad (bag salad mix with some grape tomatoes) and then took a Smart Ones Chicken Sante Fe (only 2 pts) and dumped it on top...added a little more salsa (0 pts) and a dollop of ff sour cream (probably 0 pts, but I'll count as 1) and a few baked tostito chips (1 pts worth) and crumbled them on top.

Only 4 pts for a HUGE and very satisfying salad. I found a new favorite.

Re: Great Salad - low points

Mmmm, sounds good for something fast.As a vegeterain i think i will use the Santa Fe Beans. Thanks for the tip Marilyn

Re: Great Salad - low points

Santa Fe chicken for only 2 pts??? I haven't seen this yet but you best believe I'll be looking for it! That salad sounds absolutely delicious!
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Great Salad - low points

THat sounds great..

Thanks for a new idea.. I'm going to do it.

Now that the warm weather is approaching, no more heavy foods...

THat Santa fe meal is that Lean Cuisine???? or WW???

I've had it before when I was using the boxed foods.
Today I prefer to cook, less sodium and additives.

Re: Great Salad - low points

whooops I see its smart ones WW...

Re: Great Salad - low points

I make a salad very similiar. I marinate chicken breast in lowfat italian dressing then sprinkle with chile powder and grill on george foreman sprayed with pam. Then slice chicken into strips. I use bagged romain lettuce and I add small amount of kidney beans, corn, green onion, grape tomatoes, and cilantro. Make a dressing with small amount of lite mayo and lots of my homemade salsa. More points than yours but very filling. I think it points out at 6. DH also adds shredded cheese would have to add another point or 2 depending on the cheese.