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easy everyday recipes

doe anyone have any easy everyday recipes using things that are usually kept in the house...low points of course...i know aimee has great recipes....but sometimes i need quick a just a lil easier....and i probably havent took time to read over all her recipes..i know the pictures really look good....but anyways if u all know of any plz share....thx

Re: easy everyday recipes

Nae if you keep a few things stocked such as

diced tomatoes
cream of mushroom soup or cream of chicken 98%FF
chicken breast
some spices
2% milk mozz cheese

cooking time about 1/2 hr....

easy to throw everything in one pan, which i use alot. i love one pan cooking....

Re: easy everyday recipes

I like to use this recipe a lot. It's very good and super easy. I usually make a baked potato or corn on the cobb to go with.

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Diet Cola Chicken

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4 chicken breasts
nonstick cooking spray
1 cup ketchup
1 can diet cola (I hear diet orange soda works well also) -- (12 ounce)

Spray your pan with cooking spray.

Place chicken breasts in pan.

Brown lightly on each side.

Mix Ketchup and Diet Cola together.

Pour over chicken.

Cook for about 45 minutes or until chicken is tender.

Very Yummy!

Re: Re: easy everyday recipes

Alternative to frying or cooking over the stove is cooking in oven bags! VERY tender; quick and easy with little cleaning.
Trick is to still spray the pan with non-stick spray because once you open the bag in the hot pan, the sugar and juices can stain the pan. While you are enjoying dinner the juices cook into the pan and it is a pain to clean. But with non-stick you do not have the problem.

To steal the line "Set it and forget it!" is my attitude!

Also try crock pot cooking! Great for on the go people who still want home cooked wholesome foods and little work. You can add chopped veggies or frozen ones. Chop the veggies and meat/poultry at night. Store separately in ziplocks or other containers. Get up 15 minutes early and spray crock pot. Set on low pour in ingredients and go.

If you know you could be home late or can not predict, buy a timer for your outlet and set it to shut off the crock pot at a specific time: such at 5 pm even though you will work late till 7pm the food will not over cook. Don;t forget it takes a while for the crock pot to cool off and some cooking still continues if you are nto there to take the food out of the crock pot at 5pm. So you may want to set it to 4:30 or 4 PM

I would rather overcook the food than undercook it in the crock. Next time you can adjust the timer to shut off a bit earlier if you timed it too long.

Make it easy on yourself and others. Easy can mean quick fresh prepared, or previously perpared.

There are Slow Cooker perpared frozen dinners that you can buy and now they have Slow Cooker mixes and spices (where they sell gravy and dry taco and spaghetti mixes). I don't use them cause they have too much salt. But you can add whatever spices you like. Purchase a crock cookbook from a used/thrift shop or begin with some of Aimee's Crock recipes.

Let us know what you come up with.
Jean Cat