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I "finally" got my flat out breads today

Yesterday I was at TJ's and they also didn't have the flat breads,,
Thats store #4 I was trapsing to locate them...

A local store nothing name place was nice enough to order them for me, well just about 2 wks later I got em... I am so excited to try a pizza on it...

I bought the multi-grain, should be good.
I also picked up a Mushroom pork roast that I'll throw in the oven this afternoon, a lil break from chicken, its the other white meat right LOL....

I'm on the run to head out and go exercising, then off to a baby shower...

catch up later...

Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

I live in Florida and our Wal Mart and Publix grocery stores always have them in stock. They are really good--- I fill 'em with turkey, lettuce and cucumbers, and since they are so low in points, I use a little low fat ranch dressing too.

Re: Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

Still looking in Southern California!
I can to wait to try these!
Where the heck are they in CA?
Jean Cat

Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

I was so excited to get these breads, i bought two pkgs and now there sitting I haven't used them yet..

I'm doing lite today and tomorrow, and these 2 days have been beach, so I haven't been home to have lunch.

Rain due here on Tues or Wed, I'll make pizza then...

I hope its as good as it sounded on the thread...

Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

Went to TJ's today and found a flat rectangular bread about the size of 11 x 14 paper. It looks liek a cross between a pita (thick) and a whole wheat tortilla.

It goes by the following Name:Clay Ovenb BAked Old Fashioned LAVASH BREAD

16 oz

1/2 piece is 0.5 grams of fat and 120 calories and 1 gram of fiber.
I do not have a point calculator with me handy.But I would say that is 2 pts.

I do not think this is whatyou all are talking about but it is the closest thing I could find at Trader Joe's in California.

Still looking for Flatout!


Re: Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

Can not imagine making pizza WITH these LAVASH breads they are flat but I think would get soggy with sauce.

Cant wait for real flat outs.


Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

I saw those also at trader Joes, and didn't buy them, who can just have a half. LOL.. not me...

So i waited until I finally found Flat Out....

I understand if you bake it first, then take it outof the oven and put sauce and cheese on it, its a crip thin pizza...

I'll let you know how mine turned out, when I get to making it, possibly tomorrow, as long as theres no sun, if the sun is out, no pizza I'm on the beach, with the dolphins my magical mammels...

Re: Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

Looking forward to hearing back from ya, yet I want you to have a fun time on the beach!


Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

I went to their website and it says Albertsons carries them in California. Have you looked there yet, JeanCat? I usually go to Stater Bros. or Ralphs, so I've never seen them. I had to go to the website just to see a picture of one! LOL.


Re: Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

Sue you won't believe this one!
My Albertson's NOW closes at 8 pm but I work until 10 PM. At work now!
I too shop at Ralph's and Stater Brothers.
So I have not found them yet!!!!


Re: I "finally" got my flat out breads today

Hey Jean Cat,

Here in Indiana I get my flat-out, lite of course, at my local Wally World. I know you are having a hard time finding/getting to the little buggars, and I'm sorry. I like them, but am not as impressed with them as I thought I'd be. But, they are pretty good, and worth the effort it is to find the best way to actually USE them.

I DO use it for a pizza, thin though it is. I lay it out on my little ungreased cookie sheet, and spread two TBSP of Contadina's Pizza Squeeze over it. Since I don't like my pizza veggies totally raw, I pre-saute my green pepper, and onions and mushrooms for a couple of minutes until they are tender crisp. Then, the trusty and wonderful Hormel Turkey Pepperoni, finally topped with the cheese. I really vascillate between low-fat and no-fat mozzarella, sigh. Either works, but the low-fat melts better. I really liberally sprinkle Italian type herbs over the whole thing, somewhere in the process, and then bake it on 425 for about 10 minutes.

If I haven't overdone the sauce, the pizza is firm enough to cut out lovely little triangles, and then I can use my fingers to eat it. If I've used a bit too much sauce, (my tendency), I just fork it. The BENEFIT of the fork, is that it makes me really slow down when I'm eating the thing. It IS delicious though. I haven't had this since I re-started WW, so I don't know the points yet. The next time I have this, I'll probably write down the steps I use, and the points of each element, but I know it's WW friendly. With a lite garden salad, this is another 'perfect' meal!

BUT, I have found I enjoy the flat-outs the most for good old wraps. They are fairly large, and wrap beautifully. A way to get some good healthy carbs into your day. I find I need to do this, the carb thing, very deliberately, as I tend to go nuts on my veggies, and get too full on THEM to always get all the other elements of my daily food plan in properly. Sigh, such a dilemma, .

Cheers all