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I got my PB2 and it as good as I had hoped it would be. I am in peanut butter heaven...you have to try it if you like peanut butter.

Re: PB2...PB2...WHOO HOO

Hi. This might be a stupid question, but what is this stuff?

Re: PB2...PB2...WHOO HOO

LOL! Glad you got it ok. Sam, go to www.bellplantation.com to check it out (it's powdered peanut butter). You can mix it with water to make a spread like regular pb, or you can add the dry powder to puddings, smoothies, etc.

Re: PB2...PB2...WHOO HOO

Wow! I stopped eating pb because it is so high in points.

Re: PB2...PB2...WHOO HOO

You mix 2 tbsp. with water and it is only 1 pt.! Enough for a sandwich or to dip an apple into. Ive heard it makes a good smoothie too - haven't tried it yet, but did have a 2 pt. pb sandwich (on lite bread).

Re: PB2...PB2...WHOO HOO

Lovemy PB2 especially on frozen chocolate yogurt as a topping I make it thinner into a sauce! Also I add it to cool whip for that peanut butter pie topping for chocolate pudding.
I have even added it to the choc pudding mix.
some people add it to the jelly for a PBnJ sandwich. I like mine separate.
I have tied it in ricotta and ff cream cheese but I don't like it.
If anyone has some recipes please post them.

Thanks JeanCat

Re: PB2...PB2...WHOO HOO

I sprinkle mine on dryers slow turned vanilla ice cream for 3 pts. Much better than drinking a 8oz glass of 1% milk for 3 pts. Can't do the non fat milk.

Re: PB2...PB2...WHOO HOO

I am totally drooling now. I suppose I'm going to have to order some of this stuff.

I've been really reluctant to order because you have to buy so much, and I've heard really bad things about their shipping policies.

Anyone know how long this stuff keeps?

Re: Re: PB2...PB2...WHOO HOO

I got my stuff in 5 working days as promised. But at the time Peter Pan wzs having some recall stuff going on. Soon after some people ordered and it was behind in shipment. I think they just got bombarded by the word of mouth advertisement . It is a mom and pop type business! I do not think they expceted the 'explosion' of buisness.
George Washington Carver must be dancing in his grave!

Any way I can not speak about now, but I had NO problem the last week of March.

You CAN NOT mix this up with water and then refrigerate for long period of time. YOU MUST mix it as you use it. Why? Well I have heard it is because it will mold just like real peanuts do if they get damp/wer. So you mix as you need it. I think if you mixed it in the am and wanted cold pb2butter you could use it by end of 6 hours no problem. Not sure if I would trust it longer.

That seems to be the only draw back is mixing as you go. But tosay 3 ptsor 2 points or 1 point? I am for it. PLUS I think it gives a FRESH GROUND taste. Much like when I was a kid and we bought the fresh ground peanut butter. Funny you HAD to refrigerate that.

The dry powder? Don't know. Will have to check the container when I get a chance.

Hope this helps you!