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Sat 4/21 On Program Today

I think today might land up being a beach day, yahoo

That means its going to be a bathing suit, whoohooo, I haven't put one on since Last year, Even when I went to Fla in Feb the weather was so crummmy, no bathing suits, I got better color in the tanning salon than I did away...

Its going to be interesting to see the summer people again that I got to know over the years, as we all go to the same beach, theres one woman i made friends with while sitting reading a book, she also is a WW'er and I wonder how she did over the winter, she's going to be shocked that I made goal, although I wasn't on WW last summer, as I sat there with my face in a book, nibbleing on pretzels LOL...
Not this season. no nibbles of anything, except lots of green tea and water..

I'm on program 100% today...

Re: Sat 4/21 On Program Today

Getting back on the horse (program) today! fell off program this week after a nice loss last week. Why I set myself up I will never know!

Started last night on program but ate late.

Any way loose,gain or maintain as long as I am OP I am fine.

Love to All,

Re: Sat 4/21 On Program Today

I'm with you ladies too! Nice weather here - in the 80's and sunny! Yeah! Just came from the park where my younger son had a baseball game. Brought a salad from home so I wouldn't be tempted by the consession food and everyone was "where did you get that salad it looks so good?"
Tobe- wish I were that anxious to put on a bathing suit (someday) - but you go girl and show off all your hard work - good for you!
Have a great OP day!

Re: Sat 4/21 On Program Today

I'm OP today. I feel like I've done a lot of walking today even though it wasn't really at a fast pace, at least I wasn't sitting here on my butt. LOL!

Tobe, I wish I could look forward to getting into a bathing suit too. Ah... maybe one day. :) Let us know if you see that woman you met that goes to WW. I'm curious to see if she stuck to it over the winter.