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JeanCats Finds Thread #5 - April 21, 2007

Okay everyone! It has been since april 3 that mom had the heart attack and Ihave not posted a Jean Cat find since then. When last we met on my thread I was debating to call it JeanCat's Finds or Favorites.
Would appreciate your input on that. Much of what I find you all have found first, or is on the salt and sugar and fat free stuff.

Any way I will be placing a few DIFFERENT types or UNUSUAL finds on this particular thread!

Can't wait for your reactions! :)

In order to get the full effect of this thread you MUST go to each site that I post! I promise you will be amazed at what I have found!

Love to All,


Jean Cat FindThread #4 - #1

Find Thread #4 -1
Spice of the Week
Spike Gourmet Natural Seasoning
NO SALT and Original Blend

I love the SALT FREE magic in my sautéed mushrooms when I want a bit of beefier flavor and in the beef stroganoff recipe that I referred to in my original Find thread.
Great in burgers and roasts. Try it in crock pot cooking. I find this one is better with beef and turkey that you want to taste like beef or beef veggie and barley soup. While the Vegit I talked about in thread #2 is better with eggs and chicken and veggie or light soups

Another All season is Trader Joe’s 21 Salute!
Can’t go wrong here either and works well with either red meat, fish or fowl
TRY this:
Wild Salmon with 1 tsp olive oil mixed with ½ tsp of either of the above plus ¼ tsp Italian herbs and 3 dashes of ginger, with a dash or two of garlic herb powder if so desired.

Bush on the meat side of the salmon. Cook skin side down on medium/high for about 2 to 3 minutes, then turn on the oiled herb side for 3-6 minutes more on medium/low . Do not cover for a dry fish, cover on low for a steamed wet fish. This goes best on dry fish.


Re: JeanCats Finds Thread #5 - April 21, 2007

Sorry Folks this thread should be numbered JeanCats Finds # 4 not #5!
So IF you do reply PLEASE change the number 5 to a 4 in the subject heading.

Thread #4 - 1 Drinks of the Week

Find # 4 - 2
Drinks of the Week
Tomato VA LOW sodium – ONLY grams of sodium, cals
Try a dash of onion powder for a bit of ‘controlled’ sodium and flavor.

Ocean Spray LOW Calorie Flavors: Cranberry, Cran Raspberry, Cran Grape
40 cals per 8 ounce cup and only 10grams of sugar!!
Don’t forget the Low Cal Ruby Red Grapefruit with 100% Vitamin C!

I love my Ruby Red grapefruit juice. Every time I try something else I like it, but still go back to grapefruit. One day if I ever have to go on some heart meds I will not be allowed the grapefruit juice so better enjoy it while I can. I tried the CranBerry at my sisters house. Loved it too!

If you like wine but not the points, try the Low Cal cranberry or cranraspberry in with the wine with a bit of sparkling water or tonic water or??? for a spritzer or cooler. Less points for more drink.


Thread #4 -3 Salad Dressing

Find # 4 – 3 Thread Find of the Week

I was reviewing some older posts from before I joined in March. I found this one:

Thread Find of the Week
Subject: Salad Dressing Posted by Kellysbell on Feb 13, 07 - 1:40 PM
“”Hi.Can anyone give me a recipe for low fat salad dressing. I don't like the Italian and oily dressing. I love ranch and Caesar. I once read of someone mixing a ranch packet with plain yogurt, but can remember. Thanks any ideas would really help me!””

Lots of Great Ideas on that thread! If you have not read it take a trip to read it. JeanCat

Here is another post about Salad Dressing, unfortunately I do not know who put it there.

“I found Salad Spritzers in new flavors! I have had the Italian and the Balsamic Breeze. Both good.
Today I found French, and Asian silk! What are your opinions on these? I don't know which one to open first!

I also found a chipotle mustard! Anyone use this and for what other than the typical hot dogs and burgers”.

Stay tuned for JeanCat Dressing Recipes! Next post!

Thread #4 - 4 Jean Cats Favorite Commercial Salad Dressing

Thread #4 - 4 Jean Cats Favorite Commercial Salad Dressing

Girards’ FAT FREE CEASAR – 40 calories for 2Tbsp – 0 Fat and 0 Fiber.
A bit more costly than the average dressing, but a much larger bottle than most and you only need a little bit for great flavor.

Optional add ½ to 1 tsp of Olive oil if you love more Italian flavor or need to get in your oils.

Also did you KNOW that vitamins from green leafy vegetables require oils to be absorbed? That is one good thing about regular dressing! They all have oil. Bad thing is the extra cals or points. So why not get more nutrition by controling the points or fats by adding your own!

Going out to dinner with someone that you don’t mind doing this with: bring a very tiny plastic container of FF salad dressing and enjoy your dinner salad and save your points for steak, dessert or??? By the way Girard’s has other FAT FREE flavors: Balsamic, Vinegarette etc.


Thread #4 - 5 Jean Cats PERSONAL Zero Point Salad Dressing Recipe!!!

Find # 4 - 5 Jean Cats PERSONAL Salad Dressing Recipe

Speaking of Dressing ...Here is one I made for myself just yesterday! They say necessity is the mother of invention and it is so true! I ran out of honey in making my honey mustard dressing. I was also steaming some brocoli to go with my wild salmon (see thread find #1).

1 Tbsp FF mayonnaise
1 tsp Frenches Yellow mustard
3 dashes of ground ginger powder
1 packet of Splenda

Mix well.
Use as a salad dressing, in place of hollandaise sauce on broccoli, on fish.
Add other spices as desired. 0 pts!!!

I used it on my brocoli with FF Kraft Cheddar Cheese! To die for!


Thread #4 - 6 Another Older Post for your Review!

Find # 4 – 6 Another Older Post for your Review!

Nice Link from Aimee’s Message Board:
Magic Combos posted by Nancy way back in November 2006

I think we need to bring forward older posts that we have missed that are great or for newbies. So I found this and well I thought it may help others stay on program.


Thread #4 - 7 JeanCats PERSONAL Recipe for Fall Compote

Thread #4 - 7 JeanCats PERSONAL Recipe for Fall Compote

I gave this recipe to about 30 people in March month at a CA WW meeting. They went nuts! Especially Core people! Go figure:

Crock Pot low for about 2- 4 hours, check the timing for your own crock pot.

Jean Cats Warm Fall Compote
1 - 2 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp cloves
(nutmeg or ginger are also good, but optinal)
1/4 Cup raisins (per every 4 apples and is optional)
4 apples, cored cut into 1/4 slices or what ever you like
2 large yams cut up into 1/2 to 1 inch wide slice rounds
Optional: 2 brown skinned pears, cored (you can peel or leave the skin on)
Optional: Splenda Brown Sugar if you like make sure to count the points.
Optional: one can of pineapple crushed or chunk in its own juice or water. Drained or not.

You will have to count the points according to how you make it. But if you use everything in this recipe as is except the Splenda: Totals 18 points.

Divide this recipe by 6, then 3 points each serving.
Divide the recipe by 9, then each serving is 2. points

Can be served hot, warm or chilled. With or without Fat Free Cool Whip ( be sure to add points).

Can be used to accompany oatmeal for a hearty breakfast, a late night snack or a mid-day meal. Can also be baked in oven (instead of crock pot), topped with oatmeal and margarine for an apple betty like dessert (you might want to leave out the pear for this). Try 325 F for 1 hour covered with foil or lid in glass. Remove lid or cover last 20 minutes or follow a recipe for cooking in your own cook book.

I make it without the pineapple and raisins for less points. Twelve points total without them and in 4 divided servings 3 points each. (think about it 1/2 large yam and 1 med apple cooked is a good sized portion). I love to serve this with pork chops too instead of as a dessert and in place of applesauce!

Makes a great fall/winter potluck dish! You can also add or top with chopped nuts such as walnuts or pecans or almonds, baked or raw.

Optional: Top with FF Cream Cheese, FF Cool Whip or Walden Farms Calorie Free Marshmallow Dip or a mixture of ANY two. I prefer to mix the marshmallow dip with FF cream Cheese.



Thread #4 - 8 JeanCats PERSONAL RECIPE BBQ Ribs or Sweet’N’Sour Chicken

Find # 4 – 8
JeanCats PERSONAL RECIPE BBQ Ribs or Sweet’N’Sour Chicken

I first made this recipe for my father who could not have salt. You can adapt it to use regular products not the salt free and you will love it. The problem with using your bottled BBQ sauce is it can burn easily due to the large amount of sugar.

In your medium sized CrockPot on low 4-8 hours until tender:

1 – 2 pound of boneless ribs
2 –3 pounds ribs with bones
3 – 4 skinless chicken breasts cut in half or in strips

1 Large onion , cut in large ½ to 1 inch cubes or slices.
¼ -1/2 or green bell pepper cut in strips seeds removed
1 can pineapple chunks in own juice, drained reserve liquid

1 cup NO SALT or regular Catsup (or 2 Tbsp tomato paste)
1 can of diced tomatoes and juice
¾ of all of the juice ( if using tomato paste use all of the juice)
1 Tbsp minced garlic
3 dashes of ground ginger powder (best with but if you don’t like ginger then leave it out)
1 Tbsp Liquid Hickory Smoke (this makes the BBQ flavar, if you don’t like the Hickory flavor leaving it out gives a more Sweet ‘N’ Sour flavor, I like it left in).

Optional: 1 – 2 dashes of any Season Blend such as TJ 21 Salute, Spike No Salt, Mrs Dash or your favorite
Optional: 1 Tbsp Brown Splenda (Calculate points for this from package.)
Optional: ½ tsp to 1 tsp of brown vinegar (if you do not have brown then use white. Vinegar gives a bit more tang to the sauce, so it is not too sweet).
Optional add 1/2 cup prunes, cut up or ¼ cup raisins last two hours of cooking. Adjust points.

Mix all sauce ingredients to incorporate. Pour over the onion, pepper and meat/fowl.
Mix all very well. Crock Pot Cook 4-6 hours on low or until tender. Double recipe if using large oval crock pot.

Serve with RICE!!! Hm…………….Good!


Jean Cat

Re: Thread #4 - 8 JeanCats PERSONAL RECIPE BBQ Ribs or Sweet’N’Sour Chicken

When making the ribs do not use the bell pepper unless you really want a sweet n sour taste/Hawaiian type taste.

I think the bell pepper goes better with the chicken and the BBQ goes better with the beef.


Thread #4 - 9 JeanCats PERSONAL Recipe for NO FAT Marinated Artichoke Hearts!~

Find # 4 – 9 JeanCats PERSONAL Recipe for NO FAT Marinated Artichoke Hearts!~

One large jar of Cara Mia Artichoke Hearts California Style Packed in water.
Pour off about 1 tbsp to make room for garlic
Add to the jar and mix well and marinate 1-3 days before serving for best results:
1-3 Tbsp minced fresh garlic and 1 tsp of dried or fresh parsley
Opition 1: In a hurry? Use packaged minced ‘pickled’ garlic instead of fresh. Do not use roasted or toasted garlic.

Make it REAL Italian!
Optional: Add 1 = 2 tsp of dried Italian mixed spices/seasoning
Optional Add 1 – 3 tsp olive oil (I don’t use it except if company is coming!)
Optional: 1/8 – 1/4 salt (I don’t use it)
Optional: Add 1 small can of diced, minced or sliced black olives packed in water and drained.

Optional: Spice it up!
Add 1 Tbsp dried red chile pepper
Add 1 tsp chile powder or ¼ tsp cayenne pepper, and /or ¼ tsp cumin
Or your favorite spice!~

Eat alone, on crackers, on salads, add to pasta with white sauce.

Optional: Add Italian pickeled (drained) peppers along with the measured oil and/or olives.
Optional: Add sun dried ready to use tomatoes
Adjust points as necessary.

Any combination. Italians often eat dried red chile pepper on pizza, in Arabata
Basic recipe no oil or added ingredients except garlic = 15 cals for two pieces. Jar says 10 servings = 150 cals for the whole jar, less than 1 gram of fiber for each serving. Most likely 1 gram of fiber in the whole jar. Fat = 0, 3 pts for the whole jar, or 1 pt per 1/3 of the jar.

A GREAT way to get in more veggies!


Thread #4 - 10 Video of the Week - GREAT FREE Cooking Lessons!!!!

Find # 4-10 Video of the Week
Learn to Cook! With some GREAT FREE Cooking Lesson Videos from Great Britton !

Italian Arrabiata Sauce

Shepherds - Pie
Learn How to peel a potato in one swoop AFTER boiling the ENGLISH way!

The site has American, Mediterranian, Middle Eastern and many other cusines to choose from. Some are already healthy, others are very traditional, and others can be made low or fat free.

In any case you will get many tips and ideas FREE!
If you find something you like please share with us!

I watched about 8 of them! Much clearer thant the video link I posted last week.



Thread #4 - 11 Exercise Videos of the Week - Arms, Legs, Stress

Thread #4 - 11 Exercise Videos of the Week

Low Impact Workout for Big People is for beginners. However I could not have done this when I first began. But I think I could now. I felt some of you might find it helpful or motivating. I have bad knees and found it a bit too much. But if you have good knees give it a try.


Pilates Arm Toning

Deskercise for relief of muscle tension, pain and stress

Let me know what you think of these!


Thread #4 - 12

Thread #4 – 12 Video Diet Tips and Nutrition Lesson of the Week

Diet Tips that Work and are WW Friendly!

Nutrtion Why we need fruits and veggies and how to sneak them into our daily eating.

Let me know what you think!


Thread #4 - 13 Links of the week

Thread #4 - 13 Links of the week

Vita Brownies are even better than the chocolate muffin –

I found the vitalicious.com in WW magazine, WW message board and here on this site. So I thought that I would post it. But you all got to that a quicker than I did. I also found a previous related discussion from last year.

Very much worth mentioning again. I have never purchased these. But have been dying to.


Thread #4 - 14 Repeat of Jean Cat Finds and Links for your review

Thread #4 - 14 Repeat of Jean Cat Finds and Links for your review

For the newbies and those who wish to revisit previous JeanCat Find Threads:

JeanCats Find Thread # 3 Week April 1, 2007

JeanCats Find of the Week - Food Prep Videos! Apr 15, 07 - 7:28 PM

JeanCats Special Find for AIMEE March 25, 07

Jean Cats Finds Thread #2 March 24, 2007

Jean Cat's Finds Mar 22, 07 - 8:05 AM This is the first one, including how this thread got started.

Diet Tips that Work and are WW Friendly!
Nutrtion Why we need fruits and veggies and how to sneak them into our daily eating.

Okay that is the last of my posts! Hope that you will comment. Let me know what you try and what works and does not work! I call a does not work a 'found out'!


Jeanetta = JeanCat
Have a great OP week!

Refresh of this posting

Dear All,

Since the site considers a NEW post one that is from the current day, and because the finds may help a few of you, I am refreshing this post to keep it current for Sunday and Monday.


Re: JeanCats Finds Thread #4 - April 21, 2007

2nd and last refresh for the week.