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Aimee- question about your mini pot pies

I'm trying to gather up the ingredients to make lil pot pies over the weekend, and I seem to be having trouble finding the correct biscuits. All the biscuits I'm finding seem to have at least 100 calories and 3.5 grams of fat each, and that far exceeds your nutrition info of 1g fat and 90 calories each. Did you use a certain kind of low fat biscuits and where did you find them?

Re: Aimee- question about your mini pot pies

Hi Amanda,
They're the ones that are in a blue can and they come 4 cans to a little bundle. They're smaller than the normal biscuit. Usually I've always found them where the biscuits are, but towards the bottom. The nutritional info on the can should say that a serving is 3 biscuits for 3 points.

Re: Aimee- question about your mini pot pies

Aha! I didn't look at the little bundles. I was only scanning the single cans.

Thanks for the info! I can't wait to make these.