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Hair Loss, Help!

Has anyone expierenced hair loss while dieting? Is there anything, nutritional wise, that I may be missing. Since I have joined ww's I have been losing hair, enough that it is clogging the drains in my shower, has to be swept up in the bathroom, etc. When I stopped going to ww's last year when my dad was sick the hair loss stopped, since I have re-joined in Jan. I have started losing more hair than weight actually! Any advice?

Re: Hair Loss, Help!

I'm sorry to hear you going through this Jen, I never experienced it or heard anyone that has...

Do a google search on hair loss and dieting...
Are you taking a multiple vitamin,, and using your calciums????
THose I think are 2 important factors....

I know as I sit here typing this I'm having 2 calciums right now, a smoothie with a container of yogart in it.. I have 1 a day...

are you also using your 2 oils?????

Re: Hair Loss, Help!

I rarely miss the calcium, I haven't been taking a vitamin lately, but when I was taking one, I was still losing hair. Now the oils, I really struggle with that because I can't come up with many ways to use it.

Re: Hair Loss, Help!

I use a lil olive oil when sautaeing veggies, such as peppers, onions, celery and whatever else I'm adding to put some brown rice together.

Use 1 teaspoon of olive oil and vinegar in a salad..

make a pepper and egg omlette in the morning using a lil vegetable oil....

Re: Hair Loss, Help!

Hey Jen,

I've had the same problem a time or too. This link has a good rundown on the possible causes. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05256/570686.stm

However, it doesn't seem like a whole lot can be done other than avoiding fad or crash diets.

Re: Hair Loss, Help!

I went through this phase as well but didn't loose quite as much hair as it sounds like you are using. I started using Nioxin Shampoo and that really seemed to help. You can purchase it at Salons.

Re: Hair Loss, Help!

I seem to go in cycles about every 5 to 7 years, but then again it coinsides with great stress, like when my dad was ill and then died, and now my mom is very ill at 92.

As a hairdresser/pharmacology instructor I know the causes are hormonal and root/follicular related. But also some vitamins B5 are needed. B5 pantothenic acid is found in Pantene hair care products and in others. This helps to grow thicker stronger hair and keep it from breaking, which is not the same as shedding or loosing hair.

Keeping the follicles clean from debris and sebum is a KEY. So cleaning the scalp with such agenst to keep the follicle clean is advantageous. Thuse Nioxin and a few others.

A lack of certain hormones cause the follicles to close up and spit out the hair and nto grow hair back. Not to mention genetics role in this.

Hope this helps,


Re: Hair Loss, Help!

Thanks for everyones advice.

Re: Hair Loss, Help!

hi jen, are you still suffering from hair-loss? im conducting some research on hairloss while dieting and it would be great to chat to you if so.