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Somethings i read recently

For every pound you gain,your body creates about an extra mile of blood vessels. Blood must travel that much further,which strains the heart and uyps your risk of high blood pressure,
For energy-First thing in the morning(12 oz) Your body loses fluid stored overnight,which can make your mind foggy.

For craving control-30 minutes before meals (12 oz) Whenever You're feeling a craving,drink first. Still hungry? Have a balanced snack or healthy meal.

For a higher metabolism- A german study found that drinking 50 oz of cold water can help you burn up to an extra 50 calories per day.

the four most common triggers for emotional eating.
If You are truly hungry choose a balanced snack to to tide you over till the next meal.
But if you are alone,lonely or tired, seek an alternative solution.
Blow of steam by going for a run or just jumping around.
Lonely- call a friend,email your kid ot walk to the park or mall. Being around others will make you feel more connected to your community.
If You're tired, SLEEP!

You may gain before You lose:
This is especially true if your first step to losing weight is increasing your daily activity. One reason is that exercise spurs your muscles to store carbs as fuel reserves. Every stored gram of carbs carries a few grams of water and that additional fluid could send the scale up. But the more muscles you build, the more efficient your metabolism gets. Four or five weeks into your exercise routine,the weight starts to come off.

You may not lose every week!-
Sincere efforts should be rewarded with a loss of 1-2 lbs per week. Some weeks that happens;others,the scale stalls. As you lose fat,your body may put on the brakes to protect you from losing too much to fast. No worries-the scale should resume its journey south without extra persuasion. But if the scale stays stuck for 3 wks or more,step up the activity to boost your metabolism or try new ways to cut calories. Any plateau is a chance for you to change something that will lead to weight loss later.

Re: Somethings i read recently

That's very good information. Thanks for sharing it with us Akus! :)

Re: Re: Somethings i read recently

Yep! Very good and so true to!