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On Program Sunday 4/22

I went out to dinner last night with a few friends, we went to a chinese buffet, I did the Mongolian Grille just veggies some shrimp and chicken,

I think I over did it, I walked out of there stuffed, and boy, do I hate that feeling, that feeling was the old, and not comfortable at all. I'll never do that again, proves to me staying home is the way to go. Lunch out is ok, but dinner, nope!!!!

I'll get on the scale this morning after a cup of caffeine and see what I did, if I did damage I have today and tomorrow to work it off, with a WI on tues,.

The weather here finally broke, and I was able to get a few hrs in on the beach yesterday, today is a repeat day.

I'm on program 100% today....

Re: On Program Sunday 4/22

Oh how I love Mongolian bbq's! It seems like it wouldn't be so bad for you depending on how much rice/what kind of sauce. Although I admit I often end up waddling out of that place.

I'm on program again today. I need to slip in some exercise, but I don't think food should be so much of a problem.

Re: On Program Sunday 4/22

I am/will be on program today too!~
Yesterday I went to a Vegitarian/low fat Chinese Resturant that one of the WW members did the counts on. The menu has the exact casl, fat fiber and carbs!!!

Also each is made with LESS or NO fat! Yeah!
Had the Orange Chicken that counts as 293 cals, 3 grams of fat and 0 carbs. = 6 points

Also 3 veggie egg rolls that count as only 3 points

Also some sweetnsour soup for only 2 pts

I also ate some of those wavy crunchy looking things that rea usually high in fat. But these are not.
So I will count that like cereal. 2 pts

Also had some BRWON rice for 3 points.

6+3+2+2+3= 16 points.
At regular Chinese or MOngolian Rest. you would have eaten twice this amount, just because of all the hidden fat. While disguised as good points because of all the veggies and fiber, the fat knocks you off of program in one bite!

I did not feel overly stuffed. But there is still quite a bit of sodium. I took a NO WEIGH in. While on program as best I can be, my home scale has me up about 2 pounds due to salt intake.

I will report on the trakcign on this site as a NO Weigh IN or NW.
I will contact Tobe about this in another post.

So any way..........

I made my BBQ sort ribs in the crock pot and I will have these today!~ Rice probably.

Re: Re: On Program Sunday 4/22

Well I did not eat what I stated that I would.
I did eat 1 packet of unsalted trail mix. (4 pts)
1 cup red ruby grapefruit juice (0 pts)
then unexpectedly we went out to eat at Woodpit Ranch
My first time.
I ordred:
4 ounces of Tri Tip roast (6 pts)
1 chicken BBQ's breast (hubby at 1/2 of the breast and the whole wing)(6 pts)
2 pork ribs (his)(4 pts)
3/4 cup baked BBQ beans(no meat)(3 pts)
1 cup steamed broccoli 0 pts
1/2 cup corn (2 pts)
3 white rolls + 1/2 tsp butter (10 pts)

total dinner pts: 35 pts. My daily pts are 21 so I am 14 points into my 35 weekly and the weekend is over! Yeah!