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Steamfresh Veggies

I finally tried some of those veggies that you steam in the microwave right in their bag, and they are sooo good. I had the corn, asparagus, and carrot variety. I generally despise cooked carrots or aspargus, but they were sweet and crispy. They didn't even need anything like butter or cheese to cover up the presence of vegetable taste! LOL I had them with some frozen general tso's chicken and sticky rice and pineapple.

I think I could literally eat the whole bag in one sitting. If you have an aversion to veggies, you might want to try them.

Re: Steamfresh Veggies

Dear Amanda,

Not sure if you are talking about the kind that TJ sells. but I love the butternut squash ones.

I hate/d vegeatbles before WW. I HAD to eat them for my health. So I found the WW Garden soup and gave it ago. Now I love that. I also will buy Marie Calander's soup on way home from mall or work when I can.

Also I crock pot the soup.

But I love my yams and do count them as both starch and veggie.
I love brussel spouts and I am not too keen on broccloi.
Btu I found if I make my honey mustard sauce I love broccoli.
I have found marinating artichokes that this is a good finger food veggie.

I have added it to cream cheese for a dip too!

Jean Cat

Re: Steamfresh Veggies

These are just the plain old Birds Eye veggies sold in most regular stores.

I'll have to try the ones from TJ's next time I go. I'm out in the boonies and to get to TJ's I have to go to either Dayton or Columbus (both an hour away), so it's not very easy to get frozen stuff.

Re: Steamfresh Veggies

Oh the ones I am speaking of are fresh, not frozen at TJ's. I think they have both. But I really like the microwaveable fressh cut/sliced/diced, washed and prepared ones that are fresh.

Thanks for your info