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Question to Aimee about the board

Dear Aimee,
Is there ANY way that one can get a notice for ALL new posts instead of having to go to the site?
I miss many posts that are NEW for the day, then the next day they are old, IF I do not visit the site that particualar day.
I have spent lots of time to find posts that I may not have seen.

Just wondering! It would save me so much time and I would not be guilty of asking about something in the future that was previously posted about.


Re: Question to Aimee about the board

I logged into the account settings, and the only option I see as far as getting notified when new posts are made is just for me to get the emails (I totally get enough email and would rather come check the messages here on the board. LOL). I did contact Bravenet though, and asked them if there's a way I can add it or if they'd ever consider adding the option. I know there are other message boards that have this feature because I've seen them. I'm waiting for a reply back from them, so I'll come post what they say as soon as I hear anything back. :)

Re: Question to Aimee about the board

Thanks Aimee! I know your time is valuable.
Let us know what you find out !

Jean Cat