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TJ's whole wheat pizza crust

Hello again to everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderfully blessed Sunday. It is absolutely gorgeous here. I'm in SW Ohio, near Aimee and her mom! Anyway it's been so yucky for so long that now I truly can't get enough of the beautiful sunny warm weather. I think even the birds are enjoying it as they are just a chirpin' away!

Anyway, I told you all that I would write in as I used the things that I found at TJ's last week. So here is another find!

They have fresh whole wheat pizza dough that they sell over by were the meat and cheese. It is only $0.99 for a 1 lb peice of dough which makes a 12" pizza. I made a super veggie pizza with one and a southwest pizza (used homemade black bean and corn salsa and 2% sharp cheddar cheese) and they were both delicious! My family even commented on how good they were even though they knew the crust was whole wheat. My husband said he was a little leary of trying them because he knew the crust was ww but he really did like them and so did the kids. Anyway, they have 8 servings in each and each serving is 2 pts plus your toppings of course. I just thought I'd share another find!


Re: TJ's whole wheat pizza crust

I've seen that bread dough, but never tried it. Since you say it's good, then I'm going to have to try it. :) I wonder if it would make good breadsticks for 2 points each? Dipped in a little low fat nacho cheese... uh oh, Aimee's getting ideas. LOL!

Hey I tried those cheese blintzes last night. They are good. :) I didn't put anything on mine, just ate it plain. Yum! Thanks!

Re: TJ's whole wheat pizza crust

I plan to try the WW pizza dough!
Great ideas! Great Finds!