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FAQ - How to use this site!

How do I manuver around this site? What is the best way to use this site?

Clicking on Switch to Board Style lets you see the most recent posts and replies to posts no matter when they were first posted.

Switching to Threadstyle allows you to read the threads or topics in chronological order whether or not there is a recent post.

When replying click on "notify meby email when somebody replies to this message"... Will allow you to relax and only go to the site when and if you hear back from someone and then visit the site to see new posts as you like. Use it when you are really interested in that topic or a reply if you ask a question. I use it all the time to stay on top of the posts via email.

Visit the site for NEW posts, they will not be sent to your email account, no alerts for new posts on this type of bravenet.com as yet.

Use the Thread Sytle to see new topics that you may have missed. They are in chronological order and stay that way.

Hope this helps!

If you have other input that can help others to use this site to the fullest please post them here,on this thread. We can then refresh this thread once a month and as needed for newbies.

Re: FAQ - How to use this site!

While viewing a post in the 'reply' mode:
You can return to the website which will take you to:

You can also return to the forum which will take you to the board style postings.

Again hope this helps,


Re: FAQ - How to use this site!

Thanks for posting this! You know, I totally never noticed the "notify me by email when somebody replies to this message". How funny is that? LOL! Guess I should pay more attention. :)

Thanks again! Very useful info!

Re: FAQ - How to use this site!

Aimee, if you get any new info from bravenet we/I/You can place it here for newbies.

You most likely did not notice because as owner you get all messages.