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Progress Chart and Pictures

Well, I've got what I have finished. I have some blank areas that I need filled in if you don't mind.

Maajida,Lou Anne, and Amanda....
Can you guys tell me how much weight you lost at your weigh in last week (the week of the 15th-21st).

I need to know how much you've lost total (up until the 21st).

Tammy and Sam...
I need to know what day of the week you weigh in and how much weight you've lost total (up until the 21st).

Everyone, please double check the info I have listed for you on the page. If you find any mistakes, please let me know and I'll fix them. I moved a lot of stuff around, so there's always a chance I got some numbers wrong.

Ok, here's the link to see the chart and the pictures I've received so far (I'm going to try and find a way to put a link to this at the top of the message board so it will be easy to find)...


If you haven't submitted a picture to me and would like to, please email it to me at Lynxie73@sbcglobal.net. Include what state you're from when you send it, so I can add it all at the same time. :)


Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Dear Aimee,
Thank you for all of the HARD work on the photos! Great slide show!

I am sure you and Tobe have done much on the wt progress chart too!

I am sorry but I must have confused you on my data:
April 21 Sat I took a No Weigh In Pass
You can place a hyphen (-) or NWIP or NW or 0 what ever you like.

The week before I did loose 1.6 pounds.

Any way the current wt loss is correct.

I appreciate all you have done. If you can not change the number no problem.


Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

AWESOME! I love it :)

This website has helped me so much in the weight loss area! I couldn't have made it this far without it and will continue to use it daily!

Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Thanks guys! Big kudos to Tobe for helping me get all of the info together. :)

Sorry about the mess up, sure I can go change it with no problem. I was a little confused with some of the posts (not that I don't get confused easily anyway), so I'm sure there might be more mistakes. We'll get them all sorted out though. The setup of the chart is usually the hardest. :) Thanks!

Re: Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

YES A Big Thank you to Tobe!

Thanks for the corrections, and yes I know how hard it is cuz I own and moderate a site for five years now for pharm techs.


Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Ok, I've added a link to the progress chart and pictures. If you look at the very top of the page (above the Aimee's Adventures girl) and very bottom of the page, you should see a link to it. When I get more time, I'll probably make a graphic, but for right now, it's just a link. :) I'm off to bed. Goodnight!

Re: Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Well Aimee, I am sure you worked hard on it and I am sure it is there. But I can not find it. Above the Aimee adventrure girl is nothing but the title of the site.
The very bottom has a copyright icon and a statement. I have looked on the home page and other pages. I just can not find it.

I am sorry to be a pain in the ....behind, especially if it is there right in front of me.

Any way I found it once by putting the link into
the address book. But I can not find the link on the site to click on directly. Am I a dunce or what?

Please advise.

Amanda, Brandie and Sandy - Oh My!

Amanda, Brandie and Sandy All are from Michigan!
Okay ladies, do you all know each other or what?

If you who are reading this are sitting there wondering if you should place your photo here or not, ask your self WHY not? Why Wait?
er why the weight?

Get your photo in and your wt for charting.
Make a comittment today!


Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Wow what a surprise to see this new thread when I got up this morning..

Great Job Aimee.....

So now we have faces to match a name....

Thanks to all that participated.....

Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

1lb for the last week Aimee


Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Actually, little correction, I'm from Ohio. I think the other Amanda(Ca) is from Michigan.

Duh!!! I found the link!

Duh!!! I found the link!

Sorry Iwas looking for it on the HOME page not on THIS page.

I found it. So we will keep refreshing this site? or you can keep it up at the top like the cookbook post?


Re: Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Hm... Ca? California? Michigan?
Will the Amanda from Michigan please stand up! Hee!
Where are you?


Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Wow! Thanks so much for doing that.... It's so nice to see everyone's progress.

I weigh in Thursday and to date I have lost 26 pounds. I will try to get you a picture this evening sometime.

Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

last weigh-in on 4/22 I lost 5 pounds! thanks sooooo much aimee, for the wonderful job you do....'aimee' is my daughter's name. love, maaj

Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Aimee- sorry I am just now replying, I missed this one earlier.
I have lost 5 lbs so far, but that is unofficial since I haven't lost any since I've been goign to WW. (Well I would loose, gain, loose, gain...)

Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

The link to the chart and pictures will stay as a permanent link at the top and bottom of the message board page (eventually I'm going to turn the link into an image that you can click, but I have to make it first) LOL!

Sorry about the mistake on where you were from. I didn't pay attention. I just went through the location posts and saw Amanda from Michigan and wrote that down. I made the correction to your picture. I also got your update up on the chart for your loss. Thanks!

Thanks for the info I needed to complete your section of the chart. I can't wait to add your picture. :)

You must have a very cool daughter with a cool name like that. LOL!!! I just noticed that you said you lost 5 pounds on the 22nd (great job by the way). But the 22nd would start the new week. Should I move the 5 pound loss down to this new week? If so, what was your weight loss for last week? Also, do you weigh in Sunday or Monday since the 22nd is a Sunday. I think I have you down as a Monday weigher. If you can get back with me, I'd appreciate it. I don't want your chart to be wrong.

I'll go ahead and put you down as having lost 5 pounds (you did lose it, so you might as well get credit). :) You can always change it later if you want to reflect what WW says.

If at any time, anyone sees an error on your progress page, just let me know and I'll take care of it. It takes me no time at all to go in and make a correction. Also, a reminder... please make sure you get your updates in each week. Anyone who misses 2 weight updates in a row will be deleted from the chart to help keep it from getting a bunch of empty columns on it. If you're going out of town or anything (or if you just didn't weigh in), just let me know and I'll mark it down so your progress won't get deleted while you're gone.

Thanks everyone!!!! :)

Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Sam, Meg, Sue and Laura have all been added to the picture slide show. Everyone go take a look! :)

Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

Great Job! Really appreciate all of your hard work. It looks great, thanks again.

Re: Progress Chart and Pictures

The slide show is great, what a wonderful idea. Thanks for all your hard work. I am fairly new to the site as well, been lurking for awhile now. Everyone on this site is such an inspiration to me. Thanks again to everyone you guys encourage me everyday with your stories, struggles, recipies ect. I know we can all lose this weight together.