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Thread for daily menu?

Hi Everyone and a great good morning!

I was wondering if there is a thread each day where we could post our menu for the day? Maybe that would give us all some new ideas for what we eat on a day to day basis?

I'll give you the rundown on what I have planned for today...

B: instant grits/skim milk (4)
L: Lean Cuisine panini (I am addicted to these! LOL)
salad w/vinegar (6)
D: Mock crab alfredo (4)
noodles (4)
green beans (0)
S: WW ice cream cup (2)

My target is 18, but I will use 20 today. I plan a 45 minute walk today and a 45 minute bike ride.

Have a good day!


Re: Thread for daily menu?

Great idea. I am having oatmeal for breakfast and a banana. I have a cup of grapes for a snack, chicken sandwich and green salad for lunch and I have not gotten to dinner yet, but I will let you know once I decide.

Re: Thread for daily menu?

Well,I haven't planned the whole day out yet, but:

For breakfast I'm having a veggie/egg scramble, make with eggbeaters, 1 REAL egg, and 1/2 cup each of green peppers, onions, mushrooms, seasoned with red pepper flakes and a Tablespoon of brown spicy mustard. Yum, Yum!

For my morning snack, I'm having my current favorite. One Dannon Lite and Fit with 2/3 cup of frozen blackberries mixed in. So GOOD, just like eating ice cream, lol.

For lunch, ukisuki, I'm with you. I'm having my Lean Cuisine Panini plus a lettuce/cucumber salad with Ken's FF Balsamic dressing. I like to add in another TBSP of Pompeiian Brand Balsamic and a couple of packets of splenda, to 'temper' the vinegar.

Dinner, well tonight, I'm thinking of having a MSF Mushroom Lover's burger on a plate, with 1/4 cup of Hunts Chunky Veggie Spaghetti sauce on top. To my dinner plate I PILE on the veggies, (usually a mix of a couple or three of these: cauliflower/broccoli/zucchini/yellow squash/brussel sprouts/asparagus/green beans) .....the list goes on forever, lol. I just grab what I have that looks good from the freezer. I nuke them for a couple of minutes until about half cooked, then throw them into my sprayed, hot, little wok, and stir fry the heck out of them. In the last minute, I press a couple of garlic cloves into the mix, splash in some more of my fav Balsamic vinegar, s and p to taste, and dump it all onto my dinner plate with whatever 'burger' I've chosen. I, love, love, love, this dinner. Have it a couple of times each week. I usually don't want an evening snack, my dinner has so completely satisfied my needs for the day. (This is such a major change from the struggle I USED to have during the evening!)

Oh, and the afternoon snack? I really need to find something for that period of time. When I do my next big shopping trip next week, I'm gonna concentrate on finding some healthy things just to keep for those barren afternoon hours. Something around 100 calories I can have with a glass of 1% milk. I'll find something!



Re: Thread for daily menu?

What a great idea this is like journelling twice,
I have mine made out for the day,,

B 1 egg on lite eng muffin 3 pt
banana 1 pt

L Lean Ham 6 slieces 1 pt
1 slice 2%milk cheese 1 pt
1 tortilla wrap 1 pt

1/2 cup cantelope 1 pt
WW smoothie w 1 contWWyogart2 pt

D 1 cup Chili 7 points ex beans
1/2 cup bowtie pasta 2 pt

S. no pudge brownie
2 tblsp WW choc sundae icecream
2 tblsp Lite cool whip 2 pt total

I'll have 1 pt left over....
might use that for a 1 pt raspberry bar

Re: Thread for daily menu?

Wow! What a great idea! I hope someone will always start a thread for this each day.

Here's for me!

B. Cup of coffee w/ half packet of Diet Swiss Miss,
2 tsp of plan ff creamer and two lidfuls of Davinci's SF raspberry syrup. I'll double this later (meaning I'll have another cup just like this) and it all totals one point. 65 cals, 0fat, 1 fiber
I also had a blueberry bran muffin from TJ's warmed in the micro w/ a little spray Olivio on it.

Breakfast total: 2 pts

L. Flat out sundried tomato wrap w/ 0 pt turkey slice (great value brand, 20 cals no fat) 1 pepperjack 2% cheese slice, lots of romaine lettuce and grape tomatoes and 2 TBS of tostito's new spinach dip. The spinach dip is one point for 2 tbs and tastes great as a spread for sandwiches.
Also one cup of butternut squash soup for 1 pt
One WW ice cream cup, mint choco chip 2pts YUMM!

Lunch total 6 pts

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar 2pts
Air popped popcorn with Olivio 1 pt

Afternoon snack total 3 pts


Creamed spinach, from WW newest cook book, 1 pt per serving, I'll have 2 servings
Benentino's artichoke and mozzarella chicken sausage link for 3pts
Baked sweet potato for 3 pts

Dinner total 8 pts

Evening snack
I am not sure yet what I'll have but I'll have 2 pts left. I try my best to have 2 pts left when dinner is over so that I can have some sort of snack in the evening. I do best when I graze throughout the day both in my attitude and on the scale! lol!